Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Episode 6


(Gon’ have him killed this night)






Miguel’s POV


I used the towel to clean my face as I stood naked in my room staring at myself in the glass


I’m so happy. Just so happy. I can’t believe I can ever have a baby, I don’t even care if it’s a male or


female, I just wanna be a father too and Reese is pregnant for me now


I exhales gladly and sunk to my bed.


Our experience at the pool was so cool , we were playing like we had known each other for long. And I sincerely thought she won’t be free with me cus I deflowered her but she seems not to border


I guess the only thing now is for her to see me as a good somebody, I know I’m wicked considering how cruel I had being to ladies but now I’m ready to change. I’m ready to live a life of conscience , hopefully she might change me into becoming good


Knowing that she’s pregnant alone made me love her already with my life. she carried my baby inside her womb, I should respect her , take good care of her and do all that she wants


Reese’s POV


My face is maintaining an happy expression by default , it was really fun at the pool with Miguel


“Hey Reese , are you there ?” I heard suddenly and I turned my head to search for who was calling me


But the voice sound too close , It came to my knowledge that I’m having a conversation chip fixed to my ear


“Hi Doctor ” I greeted


“I guess he’s treating you nice now ” He said


“Yes doctor , but what’s your name please ?” I asked


“I’ll tell you that some other time , just call me doctor since I’m your only doctor ” He said and chuckled


“I spoke to one of Miguel’s special bodyguard , he told me that he and two other guards will be the one to escort Miguel to sleep this night. I’d paid him handsomely and he’s killing him this night ” The doctor said and grinned


I was stuck, I didn’t even know what to say. I can’t smile , I can’t cry.


For one reason that I can’t place , I do not want Miguel to die


“We will live happily together ” The doctor added and giggled


“Reese my baby. Why are you not talking ? Don’t you want to be free ?” He asked


“Erm….actually….” I was trying to form words but


the fact is that I’ve got nothing to say


“I know you scared of him being killed but it’s a norms , he’s very cruel and he will never change, he had done many wrongs in the past , I love you dear ” He said and hung up….Story from Topster Stories.


Claiming her Innocence






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