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My Monster


Episode 27


“Yes” I said as tears flowed “be it now, tomorrow or a thousand years from now, my answer will be yes, because there is no one for me but you” I said and he breathing got louder.


“Yes!” He screamed getting peoples attention, did he just forget how I hate attention.


“Yes” he screamed again, I drew him down


“Scream again and my answer will change” I said and he made a motion to zip his lips, I smiled at how cute he is.


He took me straight to see my parents, I never imagine what they will think of this. “Like I promised, we won’t be getting married or letting it known to the public till she finishes her education” Eric said to dad and I gasped, he already told my parents


“What” I said


“He asked for your hand before going to rescue you, so I told him as long as you say yes, we also accept but that before any marriage rite will be done you must be through with education” dad said, I look to see the smile on mom face.


“So we are now in-law” said grandfather and we all laugh “so quickly finish your education, cause I would like to see my great grandchildren” he said and I blushed, I pictured what must transpire for me to reproduce.



“Wipe that naughty thought off your head” Eric whispered to me and I shoved him, he giggled. And kissed me, just like always he knocked the breath off me, now I couldn’t even look at my parents, I kicked his leg and left angrily.


“My Barbie is a fiesty one’ I heard him said before running after me, am so going


to make him pay for this


8 years later.. Story from Topster Stories.


The wedding day.


I met a boy 8 years ago, he changed my life, he became the best of me, and here I stand saying vows with him, we’ve had our obstacles, even from jealous friends that tried to break us apart, but out love prevailed in the end.


His wicked grandmother and Anayo got what they deserved, The witch got a heart attack and died when the judge passed life sentence to Anayo. They we’re willing to pardon her since she is old and didn’t commit any of the killing herself, but God didn’t pardon her.


“Yes I do” Eric said, looking into my eyes and just like always his eyes still drew me in. I don’t think my heart will ever stop leaping with joy anytime I see him. “Yes I do” I also replied the priest, I smiled as I look at the beautiful monster in front of me.


“I now pronounced you MAN and WIFE, you may now kiss the bride” said the priest, breath prepare to be knocked away, for every time he kisses me my heart skip and my breath hitch, he drew me close and smile.


“Barbie, you gave me a fairytale, in this world of horror” he said, and I place my finger on his lips to keep him quiet.


“Just kiss me already” I said, and he giggled


“How fiesty” he said, I tried to talk but he shut me up by sealing my lips with a kiss, it works every time, I heard the scream and howling of people. We broke apart after the kiss. I looked at my parents to see the happy face, grandfather is also happy, I wonder their happiness when I tell them about my pregnancy.


I looked at the guy before me and smile, since I met him my life have been a fairytale,


“Thank you for the fairytale” I said and he smiled


“I told you Barbie, every Barbie deserves a fairytale, especially you” he said and kissed me again.


This is how my monster became my prince charming



The End .


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