Sun. Feb 11th, 2024

Episodes 24


My Monster


The hoodlum had me tied to a seat, he have removed his mask, he is sure ugly, looking his mid 30, he answered my phone, its from Eric, I wonder if he have seen the tape.


“Seems your boyfriend loves you” he said, I kept quiet I don’t have to answer “Soon Anayo will come and we will steal you away” he said


“Not possible, it will be awkward walking with you people will notice” I said, he scoffed


“We won’t leave through the front door, Missy. Beside you will drugged” he said and I gasped, “try to scream and I will really shoot, we are away from the party, and I muffle the sound with these pillows.


We are in a room, a big one I thinking its the grandmothers room, am refusing to cry, this beast won’t have the pleasure, he came closer and touched my cheek.


” you’re beautiful, before this ends I will have a taste of you” he said with a death smile and goosebumps washed over me, not in a love kind of way but in creepy kind of way.


He want and sat down, he kept looking at his watch, after a while, we heard a knock at the door, he rose up


“Well seem Anayo is here with the crew” he said and walked to the door, I suddenly felt pressed, is this it, I heard I will be exchanged for Eric, I will gladly



die for him but this people never keeps their word, I have a feeling they will kill us both, even if Eric wants to exchange. But who on earth will literally walk into his death.


I heard the sound of a punch and the hoodlum was thrown back, I looked up and saw Eric, he is standing the tallest, I melted at his mere look, beside him is Collins. “Take barbie away” he said and Collins came to untie me, Collins came to untie me, but the hoodlum pulled his gun


“Stop or I will shoot her” he said wiping the blood off his face.


“Make a move boy and I will blast your head to Jupiter” I looked and saw Eric with a gun too, I gasped I never picture him to have a gun. “How about we settle this the old fashion way, fist for fist” Eric said and the hoodlum laughed.


“Don’t be over your head pretty boy, am a gangstar I have been in numerous fight” he said Eric smirked


“So I will be an easy win” he said, the hoodlum looked pussled for a while but finally dropped his gun, Eric dropped his and Collins untied me.


I watched as Eric stood in a fighting position, am not scared for I know my monster will triumph. Am more scared of the crew coming.


“Let’s run” I whispered to Collins.


“Glady, but this guy will shoot at us, he kept his gun close to him, so he shoot at us while we run, Eric might get shot cause he is closest” he whispered back I looked and saw the gun truly is close to the hoodlum how smart.


“Eric have a gun too” I said, Collins looked at me and smiled


“That’s the you we play with as a kid” he said and I froze, so it was just and act, Eric really is fearless.


“Another people are coming, so its dangerous to be here” I said, he smiled “Don’t worry, Eric is always a head of people” he said and focused of the fight. Looking at them Eric seems like his teaching the guy how to fight,


“Come on is that all you got” Eric said taunting the guy “all this big talk of being in numerous fight, you can’t even if throw a punch” he said as he punched the guy right on the chest, making the guy crouch in pain he delivered another on his ear. Clear my monster is strong, I admired him the more, who can keep me safer than him


“I trained all my life for this” he said as he delivered more blows, the hoodlum fall and he got on top him, dragged him up by the collar.


“Tell me, did you murder my parents” he asked, the hoodlum was just whincing in pain he didn’t, answer



“Tell me did you kill them” he shouted punching him the more, I felt his pain I moved to stop him, I came in front of him.


“Its a enough, you clearly won” I said, tears left my eyes, being kidnapped didn’t make me cry, being at the risk of dying didn’t. But seeing how broken Eric was made me cry.


He brought his bloody hand and caresses over my face, he smiled like am the cure to all his affliction, I smiled back, he then stood up, Collins already took the guy gun.


“I don’t think he’s the one that killed my parents” Eric said


“Yea you’re right, I am” we heard someone said and we snapped our neck to the door, standing at the entrance is five guys, hefty if I might add, instinctly I his behind Eric


“Anayo” Eric said with cold voice.





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