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“Finn Thomas is my name.. Keep that in mind when we meet again”he half yelled and I halted..


‘This guy have some nerve.. His pride piss me off.. I wonder how I’ll be able to be around him without losing my mind’i grumbled within myself before turning around to face him..



“I hope we don’t cross path.. especially in an unpleasant event because I crave badly to punch some senses into your d**khead.. Mr Freak.”I said holding gaze with him daring him to challenge me..


“It’s Finn and not freak’ Eliska”he spoke up laughing at me..


“Freak off already!!”I half yelled gesturing for him to go away as I walked away


ignoring his laughter..




He should have been named freak and not Finn..


When I got back to the party..


I received the greatest shock for today….




I gasped loudly as I stare at my best friend in awe..


I can’t believe he’s licking up the spilled drink from the floor..


With a small crowd gathered around him with one dude taking a video of him..


“Gesshh!!!”I grumbled to myself..


I marched angrily towards them..


Once again I’ve gat to save his sorry ass..


“Hey!!”I shouted at the guy whose recording the video..


Thank God he’s the only bastard brave enough to f**king video my best friend.. “Hand over your phone to me!!!”I commanded snapping my fingers getting irritated as he glare at me..


The small group of people gasped as me..


Some of them looked quite drunk..


“Give me the damn phone easy way or the hard way!!!”I shouted louder and he stalked closer towards me and pushed me..


I stumbled a little but maintained my balance..


I raised my gaze towards him..


I matched over to him and gave him a Superman punch..


I grabbed the hand which he used to hold his phone..


I twisted it to the back and made him to kneel before me..


I deleted the video and hand him back his phone..


I earned a gasped from the group of persons watching me..


But I totally ignored them.. I pulled Ted away from the ground and he smiled..


Ted have never been so careless before when he’s drunk..


I removed my locket and poured small quantity of his drink after sniffing it for a while..



It smells normal but I believe someone might have commingled something into his drink..


And if my assumptions are proven right.. I won’t spare the bastard behind it…




“Ouchhh!!!”I groaned as I opened my eyes lazily..


“My head freaking hurts..”I murmured to myself as I massage it slowly..


I hate waking up after such great hangovers..


Strangely, I don’t remember much things that happened last night..


I peeled off the bed cover from my body grumbling to myself..


“Stop grumbling like a teenager and take the asprin over there!!!”my best friend ordered sounding just like my mom..


Thank Goodness she hasn’t preached to me about quitting alcohol..


Maybe because she’s the only one that truly understand me..


I smiled sheepishly as I swallowed the pills.. Staring at her as she walked away,


her ass swayed seductively..


I face palm myself..


As my d**k stood firmly reacting to the crazy fantasy of my best friend’s seductive ass..


I chased after her like a predator hunting his prey.. I bumped into her and she gasped..


I slowly dragged her from behind slamming her ass with my hard d**k..


It’s fun to piss her off after my grumpy attitude last night..


Though I still can’t remember much of it.


“You shouldn’t tease your master like that.. He’s not a morning person…”I whispered biting her ear slightly not adding much pressure not to cause her pain.. “Are you threatening me Teddy bear”she whispered as she grind her hip slowly and I swallowed back the moan..


“I don’t intend to dumbass”I replied her smacked her ass playfully..


“What was that for?? Block head..” she shouted pouting her lips..


“That’s for teasing me dumb head!!! You don’t get to tease me and expect me not to react.. I’m a man and blood runs through my veins”I explained to her using the same high pitched she used on me..


She gave me a death glare before bursting into laughter..


I walked away to the kitchen ignoring her..


And made myself a cup of tea..


She’s damned unpredictable but that’s one thing I love about her..


And I just stare at her with a blank expression on my face..


“Stop staring at me like that.. you must be planning ways to eliminate my laughter”she said and I smiled wildly..


“But seriously am still angry at you though??”


“What’s my offense???”I asked her as I placed my cup of tea on the table.. “You spilled drink on my dress!! Block head” she grumbled


“Well, that’s not the first time it happened anyway, you’re used to it.. Why are you sulking over it???” I asked her sounding surprised by her sullen appearance.. “I was embarrassed..”she shouted..


And her outburst shocked me..


I choke on my words for a moment or two.


“You were never embarrassed before.. I’m sorry”I appologized still baffled by the sudden change in her..


“I hate the fact that, that Freaking son of the governor witnessed everything.. I’m sorry..” she appologized..


“It’s okay.. I can’t remember most event that happened last night”I complained to her..


“That’s because someone mixed something into your drink last night.. I found you licking drinks that spilled on the floor after I returned from the restroom..” “Oooh Gosh… It’ll affect my reputation”I groaned..


“That’s why I’m here.. I made sure I deleted the video and I also collected the footage of last night…


You’re reputation is still intact..”


“I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend”I swooned


“I know!!! I also found out that freak paid off the bar attendant to spike your drink” “Typical of you, but who is this freak??”I asked slightly confused.. “Ooh Finn Thomas”


“You mean the governor’s son???”I halfyelled..


That brat have some nerve…


“Yes beloved.. He’s a pain in the ass..”she winked at me..


“You’re mom called.. She requested your presence for a family dinner today.. I mean our presence…”


“That sounds like mom.. She knows I can’t stand dad and his children” “Nah!! I can’t wait to see your brother’s muscle.. Hmm”she said teasingly.. “Don’t picture any nude event with Stanley Or I’ll literally not talk to you again”I threatened her and I meant each words I said.. “As if!!!”she scoffed..


“I’m starving”I grumbled out loud..


“I made pork adobo fried rice for you”she said as she removed my food from the heater and dished it before serving me..


“Hmm!!!”I exclaimed breathing in the aroma of the food..


She doesn’t like pork meat but she always cook it to make me happy..


“You’re the best.. Eliska”I praised her and lavish my food..


We arrived late for the dinner.. Literally, because I don’t feel like seeing my siblings after so many years..


And most especially, because I tend to have a different personality around my siblings..


But Eliska always have her way of bending me to her will.. Here I am standing like a stranger at my father’s house.. Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!!


I’m the outcast of the family..


A home I loved years ago with all my heart..


“Should we ring the bell???”Eliska asked me and I sighed


“I don’t ring bell in my father’s house.. I always barge inside.. it’s fun that way”I answered her and she rolled her eyes but ignored me and rang the bell.. My nanny opened the door few minutes later.. She gasped as she saw us..


“Young Master!!!”she exclaimed and I embraced her happily..


“Nana.. it’s Ted.. not young Master”I correct her breaking the embrace and she smiled..


“Nice to see you again Eliska”Nana said to Eli as they embraced each other.. “Come on in, dinner is about to begin.. Everyone is home for the first time after so many years”Nana said and my heart missed a beat..


Was I really ready to face them all after what they did to me??


How can I dine with people who don’t have my best interest in mind and call themselves my siblings?? All these questions makes my blood to boil.. Eliska seems to noticed my uneasiness as she held my hand tightly.. “Ahhhh!!!”I breathed out as we walked inside..


“Ooh welcome Ted!!”mom exclaimed as she hugged me happily and I wrapped my arms around her happily..


“Good evening ma!!”Eliska greated her sounding so formal as mom embraced her happily..


“It’s nice to see you in person child.. You look extremely beautiful in person”mom said to her


“Thanks Marie”Eliska replied as mom led us to the dinning table..


“The prodigal son finally graced us with his presence!!”my eldest brother Tyler remarked and I ignored him..


I walked up to my dad still holding Eliska’s hand firmly..


“Greetings dad!!!”I greeted him


“Welcome son!!”he replied patting my back slightly…


“Lovely evening to you sir!!”Eliska also greeted..


“Good to see you again.. Sorry I couldn’t make it in person to your inauguration”dad said to her


“I’m glad you didn’t.. you would have been bored with so much long speeches sir”Eliska replied him and dad laughed.. He barely laughs with me like that..


“Have told you so many times to stop being so formal with me.. you can call Nand”dad said to her


“Pardon my manners Nand”Eliska said as she sat down beside me smiling.. I could feel Tyler shooting dagger at me but I ignored him


“Whose this sΒ£x on toast sitting beside the outcast of the family!!”my elder brother’s voice boomed from behind us..


My grib on Eliska’s hand tightened and she tensed..


“Wow!!! Eliska”My elder brother Stanley exclaimed and he pulled Eliska out of


her seat and embraced her happily..


Stanley is and will always be a flirt..


“It’s nice to see you Stanley!!”Eliska exclaimed sounding excited..


Checking out his muscles..


“Ooh dear.. call me Stan.. Hope he’s not a d**k around you??”Stanley asked and Eliska laughed…


“Nah!! He’s been great so far”she replied


“I’m right beside you dumbass”I spoke up and they laughed at me..


“Glad to know someone is able to cope with you Ted” my younger sister spoke up “Last time I saw you, you were deaf and dumb.. This miracle calls for celebration, Elena”I replied her sarcastically..


Eliska pinched me but I ignored her as I stare at Elena angrily..


“What a great start for a family dinner..”My baby sister Raissa spoke up from behind me..


“Rose!! You’re here as well??”I asked rhetorically..


Eliska hit my head slightly..


“You ask useless questions sometimes..”Eliska said to me and I smiled..


All the anger and resentment I felt a while ago faded off..


“I’m glad you came Eliska.. you’re the only one that can handle him”Raissa said to Eliska..


“I’m starving!!”Raissa complained and I smiled..


Suddenly Eliska’s phone began to ring in my pocket..


I removed the phone from my pocket and handed it over to her..


“Excuse me!!”she whispered


“Hello”I heard her say as she walks away..


Few minutes later she came with a smile and I stare at her confusedly..


“Who called??”I asked out loud sounding pissed off..


“We’ll talk about that later Teddy bear”she replied smiling..


And I angrily dropped my cutleries..


“What’s wrong Ted”mom asked me


“Nothing mom.. I’m full..”


“But you haven’t each much.. Don’t you like the food.. it’s your favorite”mom asked worriedly


“That’s not the issue mom.. I loved the meal.. But I’m satisfied.. I’ll ask Nana to pack some for me..”


“Mom are you blind or you’re just playing dumb?? He’s pissed off because he’s jealous of the mysterious person that called Eliska??”Elena raised her voice at mom..


“You must have lost your manner Elena.. That’s no way to talk to Mom”I said gently as I tried to control my temper..


“You don’t tell me what to do anymore?? You don’t have any rights over me”Elena fired back and I wanted to reply her but Eliska grabbed my hand..


“Ooh!! Ted is in love with his best friend”Stanley exclaimed and I slammed my hand angrily on the table..


“Ted!!!”Eliska shouted as she grabbed me from behind and I vibrates in anger.. “Don’t!!”she whispered


“You’re scaring everyone.. take a deep breath”she whispered and I closed my eyes as inhale a deep breath..


“Look at me!!”she whispered turning me around to face her..


I opened my eyes as I stare at her..


“Where’s my Teddy bear???” She asked smiling..


And I smiled weakly at her..


She always know how to put a smile on my face..


“I’m here.. At your command El Toro”I answered her..


And she pecked my cheeks before hugging me..


“Appologize to your parent”she whispered to me..


“I’m sorry Dad!!.. I’m sorry Mom.. I ruined your hard work again” “It’s okay son!! Elena appologize to your elder brother”dad said “Daddy!! You can’t force me to do that.. I’m an adult now”Elena replied “Now!!!”dad shouted


“Sorry Ted”she whispered and I nod..


“I’m here for you Eliska”I heard an unfamiliar voice from behind me and I spun around in awe..


But I saw a familiar face..


How the hell did he get here???


Β© Winner Godwin and


Grace Aghedo


August 2019


All rights reserved




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