Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

My Monster


Episode 26


The girl took me straight to my parents, they are not in the party hall, they’re with Eric grandfather. We passed the party hall before getting here, am surprise the party was still on and people don’t even know anything happened



“Mom, dad” I said, they turned and hugged me, mom have tears in her eyes “Thank God you’re fine” mom said sobbing, I hugged her back.


“I told you to trust my grandson” papa said with pride. I get Eric told them everything and his plan.


“So where is grandmother” I asked boldly, he shook his head in pain


“She’s away for now” he said. My dad tabs my back and ask to speak to me alone, I then shift to the corner with him.


“Am glad you’re safe” he said




“But are you sure you can keep up with this family and their crisis, for even though the culprit was found this time around, they will always have people after them” he said, Eric said the same thing, and am not backing down.


“Dad, we always have enemies, God is the one that fight for us, so do not be afraid” I said, beside Eric haven’t proposed or anything, we went back to the people.


“This is a party so let’s get back to the party” grandfather said and we all laughed “What of the culprit” I asked


“Taken care of” I heard my Eric said, coming beside me “tomorrow we will go visit them in the station” he said, hearing his voice made me m0an.


“Did my voice made you m0an” he whispered to me, I gasped and looked around, I hope nobody noticed


“Don’t worry, you’re secrets save with me” he said “excuse us” he said to everyone and took me to the party hall.


“Here’s your mask” he said handing the mask over to me, I wore it and he wore his.


“Have this dance with me Barbie” he said, the music was slow and steady, people were just waltzing around


“Sure monster” I said and he growled, making me giggle


“We will make everything public tomorrow” he said as we waltz around “Won’t it attract publicity” I asked


“My live is all about publicity, and I have to, so others will learn not to mess with me” he said, I nodded


“I know you don’t like attention, so I won’t involve you, the audio and video is enough evidence” he said and I smile, this moment nobody exist except Eric. I hear the music slowly play, and I dance around also listening to his heart beat.


“Barbie” he whispered and I m0an snuggling inside him the more. He kissed my forehead



“Will you marry me” he said and I gasped, not in a million world did I expect he will propose. He pulled apart


“I know my life is a mess and will always be under the public eyes, which you hate most, not to mention the dangers ahead” he said looking so desperate


“I know we are young and still have a lot of years ahead of us to meet new people, I know all this but am here asking you to marry me” he said breathing heavily “Eric” I said


“I know you will be conflicted, that you have hope of meeting new guys, and saying yes now will only cripple you, so how about you give me the answer, perhaps 9-10 years from now, when you have explore the whole world and met new people, I will still be here to hear your answer for you’re the only one for me, be it now or a thousands years from now” he said, I fell deeper as I saw the sincere look on his face. My next answer will be the turning point of my life.


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