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Chapter 19


He slowly removed his mask, and by God the photo did him no justice, he is more handsome, looking at him up close


“My beautiful monster” the word left my lips as I caresses over his face, he leaned to my touch, his perfect smooth face, his pink lips well carved nose, all my life I’ve been a sucker for cute guys but the person standing before me can easily be herald as handsomeness reincarnation. The unexpected happened, he leaned forward and place his lips on mine, suddenly a wave of emotion swept me off my feet and I had to grap on to him in other not to fall. He nibbled on my lips and I moaned he used the opportunity to deepened the kiss. I know there is no school that teaches, how to kiss, but Eric is a perfect kisser, like he learnt it from the best school.


I held on, as the kiss made goosebumps assault me, I felt my lower stomach explode with fireworks, I squeezed him tighter, he left my lips and kissed my neck just below my ear, the feeling was just heaven. I melted to his every touch, he stopped and looked at me. Am surprised, I thought kissing him made him mad.


“I thought you were mad I kissed you” I asked still feeling dizzy “Where did you get that from” he asked with confusion


“Richie said you were angry when you came home that Friday” I said looking down, he made me sat down and him beside me


“Barbie, I was angry true, but it wasn’t because you kissed me, you kissing me was the consolation in my dark days” he said and my lips curled up


“So what made you angry” I asked and his face darkened.


“The reason why I hid my face is because my life is in danger” he said and I have no idea what to think


“My father was assassinated, we left the country for security reasons, they still tracked us down, in other to save me my mom paid with her life” he said and hits his chest showing it hurts “I was barely eleven Barbie” he said looking at me, the hurt I saw in his eyes made me cry.


“My grandfather have to smuggle me back to the country, nobody knew about it, not even grandma, only my grandfather and the army general his old friend” he said


“That means you have been here for six years” I asked bewildered


“Yes, I told Richie its just 2 years, I have been here alone away from the public just for my own safety, and non of my friends could recognize me cause I left as a kid so everything about me changed” he looked at me “but you did, my very own Barbie” he said smiling, I smiled too


“The day you had your date with Kevin” he said and I flinched


“The day you gave me a fairytale” I corrected for that’s how I choose to remember that day, he chuckled


“Right, I got a call that grandfather had a heart attack, so I snuck out to go see him, but the general stopped me on the way, saying it’s not safe for me yet, since they haven’t figured who is trying to kill me” he said and exhaled


“I was going back home when I saw Kevin leaving the restaurant, I then remembered its your date today, I peeked in and saw you weeping, I wanted to go beat Kevin up, but rescuing you was more important” he said and smile looking at me.


“So you enjoyed every moment with me” I asked “Yes, so much that I never wanted it to end” he said


“But wasn’t enough to make you forget your grandfathers situation” I said, I want to make him forget all pain


“After you kissed and ran” he said in a mocking tone, I shoved him “I left, the cap I took had the radio on, they were talking about the heart attack, people were calling saying how wicked I was, for I haven’t even called or visited, my grand mother told them it seem I don’t care, I don’t blame her, she have no idea whats happening” he said, I see that’s enough to surface his wound. “They don’t get, for six years I have trained to become stronger, the general report my activities to grandfather I don’t know why he think am still weak” he said with frustration.



I understand his grandfather wants to protect him, I will do the same, but at times the best thing to do is let him spread his wings, he need to be free and face his demons.


“Then show him you’re strong” I said, I have no idea how to do that.


“You’re right, his awake, I will go visit him now” he said I gasped I never meant this early.


“Will you be by my side Barbie” he asked, how can I refuse this offer, I nodded, he stretch out his hand and I took it, he dragged me up with him.


“Time to show the world” he said and stepped out without his mask, I hate attention but for him I don’t mind, immediately he stepped out everybody snapped their head towards us, I looked at him and he have no fear in his eyes. My monster is out of his cage.




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