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Chapter 20


I don’t have to look at peoples face to see how surprise they are, soon reporters will hear about this, I wonder what he’s planing.


“Barbie, now am out to the world, how do you suppose I go visit my grandfather” he whispered to me, I smiled I felt so important for he relied on me,


“We can take my car” I said, and I saw his eyes lit up “this way” I said leading the way still holding him, am not planning on leaving this sweet sensation. We entered my car and drove off, he told the driver the address.


“Before we get there, the reporters might be there, you can go after dropping me” he said, but I can feel his reluctance.


“Shhh, am in it till the end” I said and he smiled


“Would I be considered hormonal teenager boy if I kiss you” he asked whispering, I giggled, I kissed him instead, I planned to make it a quick one so my driver won’t see it, but he held me and deepened the kiss, and I being a wuss couldn’t resist the vanilla taste.


“Naughty Monster” I said, hiding my face in the chest, I can’t face my driver anymore. He chuckled


“Don’t worry Barbie, I got you” he said and wrapped his arm around me. After a while we arrived, truthfully the reporter have flooded the hospital gate.


“You ready” I asked, he nodded, then opened the door, on seeing him they all


rushed to us, he shield me from them, it seem impossible to leave here.


“When did you return”


“Have been here all along”


“Who is the girl you’re with”


They kept with their questions, d–n reporters,



“Make space” I heard a muscular voice, I looked up and saw five muscular guys shoving the reporters.


“Let’s go Barbie” Eric said and led me with him, I could flashes of camera, the time is around 5:30 pm, I wonder what mother will say when she hears of this. We climbed up to the hospital, we got to the private world, he asked the first nurse which room his grandfather was, she was too dazed to answer. Subconsciously I wrapped my hand around his arm, the nurse looked at me and gave him the stink eyes, back off.


“He is in the 3 room to your right” she finally said after our eyes battle, I won, she blinked first.


“Jealous much” he asked as we walked to the room.


“Am not the typical Barbie they know” I said, he smiled, truthfully there is still no label to us but I still think what we have is the perfect special kind.


He slowly opened the door, I saw a figure standing looking out the mirror, he is on hospital cloth, I take it his the grandfather. Thought he had attack how come he’s standing.


“Grandfather” he called


“I see you disobeyed me” he said not turning back, his deep voice made me week on the knees, I looked at Eric and he squeezed my hand.


“Am ready” Eric said.


“Is the girl beside you the reason for that” he said still not turning, Eric moved me behind him in a protective position, I have no problem with that.


“What does it matter to you who made me come out” Eric said and I can feel the Alpha male in him, the grandfather scoffed.


“Your action boy just put the young girl in trouble” he said, Eric looked at me, he seem like epiphany hits him


“Your life is in danger, you’re like a time bomb to people around you, and you have just dragged her to your war” he said, I saw Eric eyes turned glassy, he agreed to what this old geezer said. He might be fearful, but nothing is keeping me away from Eric.


“We live everyday having no idea which will be our last” I said already crying “everyday with you might be dangerous, I get that, but its more dangerous being without for I will turn suicidal.” I took a deep breath to calm myself “let me have this moment with you even if tomorrow might be our last, am in it till the end, remember?” I said and he smiled.


“Son, you just found yourself the perfect woman” we heard the grandfather said, we turned to him, he’s already looking at us with tears in his eyes.



“My boy” he said and Eric rushed to him and fell in his warm embrace, I watch as the man I thought hardened cry on the shoulders of his grandson.


“What took you so long” He said and I smiled, this what he have always wanted.







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