Fri. Jun 7th, 2024


My Monster


Episode 25


Looking up close, I recognized him, he was there the day at the hospital, I felt Eric viberate, he is really angry


“Why” Eric asked raising his voice,


“Cause I want the company” he said with a smirk “Its not your birthright” Eric said


“True, but still want it” he said Eric tried to lung at him but the four guys behind him pulled out a gun.


“So you planned all these with your mother” Eric said


“Yes, how did you know that” he asked a bit confused. I felt a happiness surge inside me, even in this dire moment am so happy I was of help to Eric.


“What does it matter to you” Eric said, squeezing my hand.


“Truthfully it doesn’t, cause you all will die here, this wasn’t our initial plan to kill you here, we want to steal the girl away, send you the address and kill you when you get there” he said and sigh,


“But you have just delivered yourself” he said with a wicked smile. Eric turned to me. “Say it again” he said “What” I asked with confusion


“This is what my life might always be, am in a position where I have to stand tall even as people want to bring me down, my life might constantly be in the danger.



Even know all this will you still repeat what you told me that night at your house” he said and I immediately know what he meant. I caresses over his cheek, look deep into his eyes,


“I told you, am in it till the end, I love you Eric” I said and he smiled


“I love you more” he said, though this moment might be our last, but its a happy moment for having Eric say these words is euphoria. I smiled as butterflies erupts. “Enough of the love act, kill them all” He said.Eric hugged me as I pressed myself into him to bask in his warmth


“Move and we shoot” I heard a stern voice said, my eyes flicked open and I saw the soldier man that normally bring them to school.


He’s here with 6 other soldiers, I visibly relaxed, Eric is truly ahead, the culprit surrendered.


“Officers, am also a victim here” Anayo said with puppy looks, he’s trying to deny everything, how bad.


“Yes you are” Richie came out from behind the bed with a camera, when did he, am confused.


“When did he” I asked,


“The moment, I pushed this hoodlum back” Eric said pointing at the guy on the ground clearly passed out ” Richie, crept in and took the position, you were clearly admiring me you fail to see him” he said with a wink and I shoved him.


“Our main plan was to get the hoodlum confessed, I never knew I will get Anayo to” he said with bitterness.


“The importance of being petite” Richie said showing his in love with his nature. “Come Barbie, your parents will be looking for you” he said, I took the phone where the hoodlum kept it. The girls were standing outside, Amanda and Amina, “Come let’s go” they said to me as the boys stood with the Army, I looked at Eric and he smile


“I love you” he mouth to me


“I love you more” I mouthed back as the girls literally dragged me away.



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