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Chapter 17.

I watched as the bus arrived and everybody came down except Eric. So my coming was a waste, we all went to class, some of the teachers asked about my health, I was really surprise this school is sure different.


“I don’t know what you heard about me” Eric said sitting behind me, that’s Eric seat, no one have any right to seat there. I stood up and turn to him, I want to eat him up. “Get up from there” I said I don’t care if I was a bet to him, am angry he cause trouble for Eric and here he is on his seat.


“What” he asked not believing the intonation I used.


“I said get up from that seat” I shouted, I heard gasped from the student, Kevin looked at me in awe, he left the sit back to his own, I stood there gazing at the seat as tears flows, I started sobbing, I miss him, his smile, his dark eyes warm hands I miss him all. I ran of the class to the restroom, I shouldn’t have come today. I was rinsing my face when Amanda entered, we both stare at each other.


“Please how can I see Eric” I asked in rapsy voice, she looked at me with pity, I never knew she could be this soft.


“You are in luck” we get visitors twice in a week, Wednesdays and Fridays, except


it’s the Friday we go home.


“Wednesday” I said, thats today’


“Yea today, so why not go home you don’t look fine, then you can visit around 4 pm, I will take you to him” she said. I couldn’t believe my ear, is this really Amanda being nice. I went forward and hugged her.


“Thank you” I said, I felt her shrug but didn’t hug me back, it felt awkward for me “You know I won’t hug you back, so you can now unwrap your hand” she said, I freed her with a sheepish smile, I think I understands Amanda’s personality, even with all her strong behavior, she’s really warm and soft inside


“So go home, the school will pardon you since you don’t seem fine” she said, if I go home mom will take the illness serious I won’t even make it to the camp, so I rather endure it.


“Don’t worry, I will manage” am already feeling better with the thought of see him, I left the rest room


“Do you love him” she asked when am nearly at the door, I turned to him. “With all my heart” I answered, she smiled, and motioned me to go, I left feeling happy. Yet again all that was thought today never entered cause I was busy starring at my watch, I spent our break in our spot, to feel closer to him.


I was so happy when I heard the bell for dismissal. I rushed to Amanda to let her know am coming so she will tell Eric.



“So you’re now in close relationship with Amanda” Amina asked and just nodded “nice” one thing about Amina is she is just a beautiful happy girl. “Did you hear what happened” she asked


“What” nothing goes past her,


“Mr Stephenson had a heart attack” she said, I felt bad but I don’t know who he is “so they’re saying his grandson will soon be back, to take over, some say he will leave it for his step son” she said, I have no idea what she’s talking about.


“Oh” I said, am waiting for my driver to come, earlier I get home earlier I can come out, I wonder why he’s not yet here.


“Have you see Junior’s picture before” she asked, I shook my head, “Gaberiella” she called and she came


“Show us juniors pics” she said, Gabriella brought out her phone, I thought its prohibited, I guess some people are just rebellious. She scrolled through her pictures and clicked on the pics.


She passed it to Amina who passed it to me, I wondered why she’s showing me, I took the phone and gazed at the pics. By far he is the most handsome guy I have ever seen. He was leaning on a pillar wearing a blue shirt and a white polo, he seems to be from heaven cause there is no way a mere human can be this handsome.


I stared at his eyes and it looked familiar, it gave me that warmth am so use to, its the same eyes with the boy at Stephenson’s mansion, its also the same with Eric. I froze as the epiphany hits me, I looked at his lips its the same, I used my finger to cover his face and its the same.


“Its Eric” I muttered.





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