Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

My Monster


Episode 23



Its been long she went to the rest room, should I be worried that she left or she is staying longer in the rest room cause she is shy, I smiled at the thought of that.


I remembered when she stopped me from fighting, nothing have ever stopped when when am fighting, it takes 3 soldiers to stop me, but just by a mere look she did and from that moment I was wiped.


I kept stealing glances at her and hate it whenever she speak with Kevin, he never deserve her, in truth I also don’t cause she is clearly heavenly, am just of earth.


I look at my watch, she is clearly wasting a lot of time, I remembered her professing, I so I want to tell her how much I love her, but its too early, my life is dangerous, she might withdrew what she said once she see the danger in my life. I looked up and saw my grandmother working up to papa, mom said I should be careful about her, that was actually her last word, so am always careful with her. I brought out my phone to reread my chat with Barbie, love makes you do such things. I saw a new message from her.


Its audio message, I giggled like a fool and left the party for I don’t want the noise. Story from Topster Stories.


to interfere with the audio, as I was heading out I saw Collins with Amanda


“Nice party bro” Collins said, he’s not with his mask neither is Amanda, they truly


like to break the law.


“Thanks” I said, am not much of a talker, I don’t know how my Barbie convinced them to bear with me.


“Have you seen Barbara” Amanda asked she was the first to know I have feelings for Barbie


“She went to the rest room” I said not wanting to stay and chat, I have an audio to listen I excused myself, I head straight to the kitchen where I had cake with her. I brought my phone to listen to the audio.


As I play it the smile on my face disappeared, the content of the audio had me frozen, my grandmother was the cause of all this I can easily recognise her voice. I fear for Barbie’s safety I failed her number, it rang “Hello Barbie” I said immediately she picked up


“Hello lover boy” someone said with a rapsy voice, so all my effort to hide her and keep her safe, I failed


“Where is she” I asked, with hard heart


“Oh, cool your horses she’s with me, well not for long” he said, my heart already beating frantically, I remembered my grandfather’s warning. “What do you want” I asked


“Simple, your life for hers” he said



“Gladly” I replied and he hung up, what I though he will then send me the address. I have to figure out what to do, showing the tape to papa now might make grandmother order her killing, I have to think fast.


I went straight to the security and asked if anyone have left the mansion, in a suspicious way or so, they said negative. That means the fool is still in the mansion, but where, the mansion is so big that guest get lost always, so its difficult to find him, and being aided by grandmother he can hide well. Having prepared for this, I have installed CCTV, nobody knew about it, its not much I just hope the ones I did caught the culprit.


Time to go look for the computer genuis, he helped me in the installation, I will confront grandmother once I have find my Barbie.I head out to look for Richie, I saw him with Amina, he told me of their game, and I was so proud I could also recognize my Barbie even with my mask, well its easy for her whole being calls out to me, she is the calm to my raging storm.


“I will surely keep you safe Barbie” I said as I went in search of Richie.



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