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Chapter 18


“Its Eric” I muttered


“What did you say” Amina asked not hearing what I said, I looked at her, should I tell her or just keep quiet.


“Nothing” I said, IRS not position to say, and I need to be sure


“Give me the phone, my driver is here” Gabriella said and left, Amina left too after her goodbyes and that’s when my driver arrived, he apologized, which I didn’t need, he is old enough to be my father.


I got home and took out my phone, I browsed up the pics, I typed in Mr Stephenson’s grandson and his picture appeared, there are a lot of rumours about him but I ignored them and stare only at the picture, I have a lot to uncover. I took my bath and prepared.



“You are all fine today” my mom asked surprised at my recovery, she have no idea how healthy I am now.


“Yea, seems the medicine was magic” I said already heading outside. “Mom, I have to visit a friend, mind if I go” I asked, she looked at me briefly


“Come back on time” she said. I hardly go out so when I do she never stops me, she always say I should get back on time.


“Thanks mom” I said, I came out and gave my driver the address of where the camp is, Amanda gave me Tue address, all the while, my heart kept beating am so afraid of what will happen.


After a while we arrived, a lot of cars are already packed, I saw Richie with his parents, I waved at him, he waved back but I could see the confusion on his face, I searched around with my eyes and saw Amanda.


I rushed over to her, she is with her parents, they seem like a fine couple “Mom, dad this is Barbara, my friend” she said, still not smiling


“Wow, you finally have a female friend” her father said smiling, I greeted them both


“Do take care of our daughter, don’t mind her mean nature, she actually soft on the inside” her mother said, I giggled


“I figured it out” I said looking at Amanda, who scoffed


“Come let me go show you the way” she said and we excused ourselves, “It warm my heart you see me as a friend” I said really happy. Story from Topster Stories.


“Don’t push your luck” she said and stopped after we reached at the back of the house, here seem quiet, just a place my monster will like


“Just keep going straight, you will see him” she said point at the road, I nodded and walked down not even wasting a second. What felt like a minute I saw a figure leaning on a tree, I smiled.


“Eric” I called and I saw him tensed up, he turned and saw me, he is wearing the same mask he wore the day he came into our school.


“You came” he said, he used the same voice the day I kissed him, that exhausted voice, I dashed towards him and hugged him. The motion made him drop the book his read and hugged me back


“You silly monster, why did you have to fight and get punished” I muttered to him. “I couldn’t stand the fact my Barbie, was a game to someone else” he said and jerked out of the embrace.


“Your Barbie” I asked, he scratched being his head. Is he shy I wish I can see his face. “I know who you are” I said and he crane his head “Excuse me” he asked



“What’s your fathers name” I asked, he took a breath “Eric” he answered


“That makes you Eric junior” I asked and he nodded, I remember people referring to the guy in the picture as junior. “You’re Eric Stephenson” I said and he scoffed. “The day on the cap, when we were doing question and answer, I thought you will ask me my full name, but never did” he said, I wonder if he is mad about it.


“It was fast so it skipped my mind” I said, now that I know can’t he remove the mask I so want to see his face.


“Its funny, even my friends I grew up with didn’t recognise me but you did, how?” He asked


“I saw your birthday picture, and I recognized you from your eyes” I said, he looked down, we are still standing.


“What about my eyes” he asked, I came closer to have a clearer view.


“Nothing draw me more than your eyes, so I can always recognize it” I said, and he chuckled,


“Now that I know you, can I see your face” I asked and he froze.





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