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My Monster


Chapter 21


“So now you out in the open are you prepared to shoulder everything” Mr Stephenson said to him.


“Am ready for all that” he answered looking at me, Mr Stephenson walked towards him and held my hand


“I don’t know what you did to him, but whatever it is, am eternally grateful” he said, I felt so high, Mr Stephenson, among the top ten richest in the country is grateful towards me


“Am honoured sir” I said and he smiled.


“Papa, from the monthly company file you send me, I found out there is a loop in the company’s account, someone is stealing from the company and he or she knows how to hide his track” He said I looked at Eric, right now he doesn’t like the same teenage boy I walked the stairs with, he is the heir of a mobile network company.. Story from Topster Stories.


“Oh, what to do” papa said, but not phased.


“Give out the call to have every member surveyed” he said, I feel so inferior, he is in full business mode, papa walked closer to him, and handed a ring over to him. “This is the seal to the company, whoever wears it have the company, its yours” he said and I gasped, that just turned him to a billionaire.


“No papa, give it to me when I’ve found out who is loathing the company, and my parents murderer” he said with a bow


“Good one boy” papa said wearing the ring back, the door opened at that moment and an older woman walked in.


“Eric” she called, call me superstition, but my spirit gave me bad vibe about this woman.


“Granny” Eric said and she moved and hugged him, no need to be afraid she is his grandmother.


They exchanged pleasantries, a lot of people came also, and to everyone of them, Eric introduced me and I just have to keep a smiling face, being a public figure is a lot of work.



“Thank you for today barbie” Eric said as we drive home, we were in my car, but have four others cars with us, they’re Eric security. “That’s the least I can do” I said shyly.


“You cheeks get pink, you eye lid cast down, you fiddle with your fingers, how do you expect me to think straight, when you’re being so cute” he said, I raise my head to talk and he laid one on me, knocking my breath off me, when he stopped I held on my head to gather myself.


“You were saying” he asked, I have forgotten what it was I wanted to say. “Vanilla” I muttered


“What” he asked since he couldn’t hear me, I smacked me.


“Stop stealing kiss, it makes my heart beats so fast I fear it might explode” I said. I pray the driver didn’t see it.


“You started it” he said chuckling, he opened the door when we reached our house, he acted supernice and escorted me inside. Its already dark, but I still want to stay with him, I know from now he will be super busy.


“You’re back” I heard my mom said, I wonder what to tell her, dad is not yet back, Eric moved towards her.


“Good evening ma’am, allow me to pay my respect to the woman they gave birth to the most beautiful girl I know” he said and bowed


“What a good boy” she said, trust my mother to always be nice to a rich person, I bet she have heard the news.


“Can you come in have dinner with us” she offered


“I will be honoured, but let’s do it another night” he replied, and my mom smiled “Say your goodbyes then” she said and walked back inside. Eric walked back to me and took my hands.


“You were all over me the first day you stopped me from trashing Kelly” he said and I smiled. “I apologize in advance, for I won’t be coming to school for a while, I have to take care of things before this year runs out” he said, I get what he’s driving he at, we will sit our waec next year so I guess he wants no distraction then. Only thing am thinking of is how to help him out, and it struck me


“Don’t worry about your friends I will explain everything to them and make them see reasons” I said and his face lit up. It gave me great joy I made him smile. “You will do that” he asked and I nodded, one don’t need a prophet to know that his friends will be sad and feel betrayed, but I will make them see reasons.


“I guess its time to let you go inside” he said looking at my house door, I can feel he also don’t want to let go of me and its thrilling.



“Am not 17 and still have a long way to go, but am sure of one thing, that is my love for you, I love you Eric” I said and he gazed at me, was it too soon, does he not feel the same, I keep messing up.






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