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Chapter 16


“Never have you ever cried because of illness” my mom said baffled, dad is away on a business trip, I kept crying when I got home, my body so hot. She is right I’ve never cried because of an illness, but today I cried cause its emotional illness. “Don’t worry the doctor is on the way” she said and left me in my room, I need to see him that’s the only way I can be cured.


The doctor came and administered some drugs, my mom wanted drip, but he said not yet, that if by tomorrow that am not getting better thenhe will give me the drip. I slept off since I was so tired, I woke up later at night, I brought out my phone to surf the internet but my data have exhausted, I don’t know to recharge through the bank I just dropped it and put on the TV.


To my greatest surprise, they were showing barbie, fairytopia, I smiled as I watched it. I slept off again after the movie. When I woke up it already 9am. I rushed to the kitchen.


“Mom why didn’t you wake me for school” I said


“I decided to leave you, besides you needed the sleep” she said cutting the carrots.


“What of school” I said, I need to go, what if he is in school.


“I already called them” she said


“But mom”


“No but, go freshen up, breakfast will soon be done” she said and shooed me away.


I went to my room very angry, now I wish am a rebellious daughter.


After breakfast I went to my room with pretence of feeling sleepy, I just don’t feel chatty, I got better today but hate the fact I didn’t go to school.


I sent a text to Amina to call me once she get back, so I kept looking at my phone, my entire day was the spent watching barbie.


After what felt like eternity I got a call, from Amina “Hello girl” she said as I picked up


“Hi” I said


“Didn’t see you in school today”


“Yea, sick day” I said


“Well unfortunately for you, cause you missed a whole lot” she said and I sat upright


“What happened” I asked with fear that Eric caused another trouble.


“The reason why Eric hit Kevin was because he heard that you were just a bet to


him” she said and I was confused


“Bet to him as in who” I asked


“Bet to Kevin, he had a bet with Kelly to date you when you came newly” she said, I heard some noise, like she is bringing out something from a bag.


“So to him I was just a bet” I asked weakly.


“Yea, it was a junior student that heard it, according to the boy, he saw Kevin and Kelly talking about it in the boys rest room” “And” am very anxious


“Basically, Eric heard it while the boy was telling his friends about it, he confronted Kevin about it” she took a breath “I don’t know much about it, since it might be rumour, Kevin said its a lie, that Eric attacked him with no provocation” “Then how come you know of this” I asked, I always know nothing goes past her. “It Richie, he said Eric told him, and we then asked the boy, basically Eric was able to describe the boy, the boy said its true that he heard them discussing about a girl named Barbara and the bet” she said


“So Eric, wasn’t in school” I asked, non of the thing she said matter but Eric. “No, still on his punishment” she said and I felt weak, “Funny, Richie kept asking of you, even Amanda asked of you, I think you’re in trouble” she said “You think so” I said, I guess he must have told them about the kiss.


“Well get well and come to school, you’re now miss popular” she said chuckling, I scoffed and we said our goodbye.


If he’s mad at me why then did he hit Kevin, or is it for another reason or is the boy wrong, all this am prepared to find out, am definitely not missing school tomorrow.


All eyes was on me immediately I came down from the car, seem am miss popular truthfully, well non of it matters am just here to see my monster. I should stop referring him as mine. I just walked straight to where Amina is and we both head to class, thank God this school don’t have morning assemble like my former school, they only gather for announcement.











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