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Chapter 9


The moment was surreal, but it was abruptly crashed from the vibration of my phone. He let go of my hand and walked closer to the counter the cake is on


I checked my phone, its a text from my mom, they’re about to leave, why now I muttered.


“So, seems I will be going” I said, I don’t want this moment to end, but we don’t always have what we want. He just gave me a nod and turned, how sadly he have return to his normal self.


I have to make him happy at least before I leave, and I fear that when we see on Monday we won’t have the opportunity, cause he will be back to his monster self. “Its remaining one piece” I said coming closer, “let’s throw a lot and know who gets it” I said, he then look at me.


“What do you suppose” he said, I really need to think before I say something. I looked around and saw a book and a pen on another counter, I took it, wrote out some number and tore it apart,one number on one piece, I then folded them up. I have written down numbers in them, 1,2,3,6,7 and 0, we have to take turns in picking, after picking, we then add our numbers, whoever that scores the highest wins and also the winner of the so heavenly cake.


“Not bad” he smiled good my plan worked, “ladies first” he said, I took, first and we took turns, “here are mine” he said unfolding his papers, he got 7,3,1 three lucky numbers.


I gasped, he must have high insane amount of luck. I got 6,2,0 so clearly his the winner, I felt sad, I wanted the cake, its really taste.



“Wow, normally am an unlucky bastard” he said and I felt the surprise in his voice, “Turns out am the unlucky one, have the cake then” I said staring sadly at the cake, he chuckled.


He picked it, and stared at it “here” he said handing it over to me, its surprised me, cause if I had won I won’t think twice about eating it.


“Thanks” I said and ate it before he change his mind, and I tell you it taste sweeter. “I have to go” I said sadly, he smiled, I smiled too. At least I accomplished leaving him with a smile. I waved and slowly moved to the door.


“You are now in my debt” he said and turned “How” I asked


“Didn’t your mama ever teach, not to take something from a monster, especially sweet things” he said with a devilish grin. My eyes widened


“But you gave it willingly” I said.


“And willingly I must collect Barbie” he said “run along” he said before I could object, so I decided to leave. Now I owe the monster, that means I now have something that ties both off us, I smiled at the thought, I wonder what he will collect. Wonder why I feel I will be willing to give whatever he asked of me.


I went home feeling happy, the only sadness is Monday now seem like light years always, waiting is harsh. It was Sunday evening that I got a call from Kevin saying he took my number from Amina who got it from my mom. I spoke with Amina on Saturday, she already told me she got it from mom when she couldn’t find me, but she didn’t mention she gave it to Kevin. Kevin felt wrong I left without telling him, to keep him from lamenting I promised to make it up to him .


I got to school very early and went straight to the spot, Ikept muttering one thing, please be there. But unfortunately he wasn’t there, what was I thinking, its too early and just because I had a blast with him doesn’t mean he takes it that way. “Seem someone missed me” I heard him say from behind me, I smiled before turning.


“I did not” I denied, but am sure the smile plastered on my face gave me away. “Sure, you didn’t barbie” he said and walked pass me, he sat leaning on the tree and brought out a novel.


“What’s the name” I asked,


“Godfather” he said, I heard about the movie, clearly the guys in my formal neighborhood adored the godfather, I never knew it also have a novel.


“Nice” I said and came and sat beside him, I never took him for a novel type. After like 5 minutes of silent, I know cause I kept checking my time, but it felt longer, I came here by, 7:15 am now its 7:20am. Can’t he just keep the book and notice me.



“I don’t think I can read anymore” he said and put the book away, I felt alive. “Why” I asked, not that I care


“Cause you keep fidgeting, plus I have read it before” he said and turned his attention on me.


“Sorry about that” I said with a sheepish smile, he scoffs, “at the party, I was surprise about something” I said trying to start up conversation, soon we will start the first lesson.


“And what’s that barbie” he asked


“I thought, the students here never knew you guys, as in the delinquents, no offence” I said


“Non taken” he said with a shrug


“But at the party, they talked like they knew each other” I said, yea since they all spoke of a boy.


“The fact is some of them knew each other, but not friends, the school brought them together” he folded his arms and thought for a bit “like Richie and Amina always steal glances at each other whenever they come to party, but never spoke till Richie came here” he said and it all made sense.


“They kept talking about a boy they all seem to know” I said remembering the party, he just nodded. Making sure no silent moment I decide to tell him about my promise to Kevin.


“Kevin called last night” I said


“Oh, your pretty boyfriend” he said nonchalantly.


“He’s not my boyfriend” I said with a frown, he giggled.


“I bet he thought different when he gave me a punch” he said and I remembered the day and felt bad


“Sorry” I said since its the only thing I have to say


“Don’t sweat it Barbie” he said and leaned closer “its why I made you owe me” he said, with his close proximity, his warm breath hits my face, smells like vanilla my heart starts beating louder. With the fact we’re alone here far from public my mind drifted to something lovers call magical fantasy.


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