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Chapter 13


We left the restaurant, he paid, everybody now turned their attention to the boy on the mask, he took me by the hand and led me away. People kept looking at him, its as if he took my embarrassment and made it his.


“So how can I pay you back” I asked once we are outside, I don’t know if he’s rich like others, so I just have to pay him back.


“Don’t worry, you don’t have to” he said.


“I have to, I won’t be at peace if I don’t” I said as more tears float I wiped it with the back of my hand.


He came closer, “if you must, then how about paying with a hug” he said and wrapped his arms over me, he is warm, I hugged back, I sniffed him, he smells like vanilla, I hugged tighter, he sooth my back. I cried more, its true what they say, a hug is the best gift for it wraps you all.


“Let it all out” he said, I cry not because Kevin disgraced me. I cry not because everyone have their eyes on us and as someone that hate attention, that is difficult to bear, I actually don’t mind today. I cry because, I love being her in his arms so much the feeling was overwhelming that tears flowed.


When my sobbing died down he pulled apart, and wiped my tears, “With a hug Barbie you paid your debt” he said smiling, I smiled back, it was contagious. “Does that also include the cake debt” I asked with a puppy look


“Don’t push your luck Barbie” he said squashing my hopes. I looked at the time, it almost 5pm


“I have to go” I said.


“Not yet you don’t” he said and took me by the hand, “I promised you fairytale” he said and I smiled.


After like 10 minutes we arrived at a basket ball court, nobody is here, I looked around, he brought the ball over, its heavier than a football.


“Normally, Barbie’s have other things to do than play basket ball, but since am not prince charming but a monster, and you’re not exactly a normal Barbie, I suppose we play” he said, I have not really played basket ball, am not good in any sport. “Am not good at it” I said with a frown.


‘What then are you good at Barbie, don’t be a chicken and burn out some fat” he said, that’s it, I threw the ball, like players do, I aimed for the goal, surprisely in entered. How hard could it be I said to myself, I went and took of my sanders, I don’t want it to tear, and kept my purse. He gazed at my feet, I felt embarrassed, is it ugly, did I do something wrong.



“You know, must girls will complain, saying the ground is hard or hot, but not you Barbie, and for that you just earned a point” what point, I pondered I just smile He went aside and removed his hoodie, I thought he would stop at that but he removed his shirt, I clearly saw the muscle line on his back, he is well built.


He turned to me, so this is what he’s been hiding under that hoodie, my throat went dry my face heats up, and am glad he always wear hoodie to school for I won’t stand it if girls looks at him like am doing now.


“Close your lips barbie, flies my enter” he said smiling, I shook my head getting a hold of myself. “Here,be Tue first” he said giving me the ball.


“Game on” I said, we started playing, its hard, way harder than I thought, I keep messing up even when he gives me a free shot. The game is now 20-0 obviously he’s 20, am already panting and he have hardly break a sweat.


“OK, last time, throw the shot and if you get then you win” he said giving me the ball, I smiled, I took it and position. I closed my eyes, remembered his Lucas scot (one tree hill) always make the shot, I opened my eyes and threw, I watched as the fall soar up, at its peak it came down like a king fisher heading to take its prey.


While the kingfishers prey is fish, mine is the net, the ball came down and hits the ground magnificently but missing its target, I slumped down and I heard him laugh, his rich throaty laugh.


He came to me and ben down, you lost, he said, I looked at him, though it was exhausting playing with him, but the fun was unparalled, the 30 minutes with him is a million time better than a day with Kevin.I gazed at him, he’s directly in front of me, all it requires is just a little push and our lips will lock, I looked down at his lips and my heart beat increased, I felt myself propelled forward.


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