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My Monster


Chapter 10


Why do I have this fantasy of him, we’re not even considered friend, his eyes keeps sucking me in, each time.



“So Barbie, I must collect” he said and withdrew, I touched my face, its hot, I must be blushing like red tomato.


“What’s the call about” he said facing front, I hope he didn’t notice the blush, I stuttered


“He’s angry I sneaked away, so I promised to make it up to him” I said, honestly am more interested in talking with Eric than making it up to Kevin.


“Instead of making assumption, ask first what he wants, it will reduce your worry” he said,


“Yea that’s true, I will ask him, lets meet during break then I will tell you his response” I said.


“Wow Barbie, what an authoritative way of asking a guy on a date” he said “What” I said


“You just asked me on a date Barbie” he said with a smile, my eyes widened, I just did.


“That’s…I mean…” I starting stuttering. He smiled and took my hand that I was busy waving in the air like sign language.


“I wouldn’t mind” he said and once again the milky taste come, the undescribable pool of emotions.


“You won’t” I said, mainly as a statement to myself. With that I heard the bell for the first lesson.


“Time for class” I said standing up


“Run along, I will spend my first period here” he said and laid down, he covered his face with his Godfather. I guess he wants to be alone, I then left but occasionally look back, I nearly went back to suggest we both spend our first period here.


When I came inside the class it was a mess, student were sitting in circles talking, even some art students are here, that only happens when a teacher request we combine class.


I looked and saw Amina, she is sitting close to Richie, I also went to my seat which is close, looking at me you will think am among the clique.


“Did you see the picture” Gabriella asked, she is also an art student


“Of course, if handsomeness had a face, am sure it will be him” Amina said “Normally I will act or jealous and say am more handsome, but I rather not insult myself” Richie said giving Amina a stink eyes.


“Who are they talking about” I whispered to Amina, basically she’s my main friend.



“Its junior, the grandson of Mr Stephenson” he said “its actually his birthday that Friday, instead of coming he posted his picture on the networks webpage” she said with a hint of sadness.


“Wait you mean Stephenson, the CEO to the largest African network company” I asked, shocked, she just nodded, I never knew it was their house on Friday, no wonder everybody was paying respect to them.


“At least the rumor is now cleared” Another girl said, I don’t know her name.


“What rumor” Richie asked.


“The company board of directors suspected he died with his mother since nobody ever saw him since then” she took a breath “even as it was reported that he’s the one that gave them the social data plan and how to maximize income from it. Some believe it was Mr Stephenson doing just to mislead people thinking he’s dead” she said and I listened, it doesn’t concern me but its intriguing, the guy must really be awesome.


“Now with his picture out, the rumor is dead, I guess all the directors with daughter will want their daughter to be the lucky girl” she said with a wicked grin.


“I don’t mind being called the lucky girl, Junior is handsome” Gabriella squeeled “You know I wanted him to come back, but seeing how handsome he is am glad he didn’t show up” Obinna said, clearly he is jealous.


“Do you also want to be the lucky girl” Richie asked Amina, she turned to him and smiled


“Am already lucky” He said, the group smiled at the lovely couple.


“Why is there no teacher in the class” I asked.


“Went for meeting” Kevin answered me coming to my desk, he sat down on it like doctors do when talking to patients. “So what do you have for me” he asked I know he’s here cause of what I promised


“Do tell, what do you want” I smiled and he returned the gesture, his once cute smile I considered angelic is now plain and simple to me.


“How about a date” he said,


“Kevin” I said slowly, I wonder if he think I will accept him. I thought he will know by now that its a peaceful rejection.


“Its not a date date kind of date, just two classmate, friends hanging out on a Friday evening” he said and I smiled. I guess that’s good


“OK. A date it is” I said, then remembered I have a date also with Eric, I looked around and everybody is engaged with something. Even Kevin left to be with his friends, I then stood up to go have an early date since the teachers are on a meeting. I stopped as I stood up to leave, for my suppose date is walking inside the


class, everybody watched as he went to sit behind me. Immediately he sat down a


teacher entered, I sat down too and the art students left. My back felt warm as the


teaching goes on, like am standing in front of a warm sun. I relaxed and decided to


bask in it.


to be cont




My Monster



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