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Chapter 12


I keep hanging out with Eric and we getting close, he laughs more with me, Amina keep asking where I spend my break, I gave him the excuse of reading since we will take our waec next term. Its not entirely a lie I also Read with Eric.


“So you guys will have your date today” he asked, if not for him occasionally


reminding me, I would’ve forgotten it.


“Yea” I said and am annoyed by it, he smiled



“Have fun” he said, I wanted to tear out his lips, he’s not even jealous, why would he be, am nothing to him, at most am just a friend. I looked at him, his reading his chemistry, if am just a friend to him, then what is he to me, I still don’t know After school dismissed he left, Richie was sad cause they have to spend this weekend at the camp, not only him but all the delinquent.


“Mom am heading out” I said, she just turned from the TV to look at me “Where” she asked,


“Meeting up with a friend to study” she took a closer look at me, am wearing a pink top and black trouser with my purse, no make up, someone said I should keep it simple.


“Where is your book then” she asked.


“Will take from my friend” I said, she gave me a nod, normally she will question more, but she’s having a visitor over, the house wives made it a habit to visit each other. Mainly to gossip and talk about cooking recipe or cloth.


“Come back on time” she said and I waved and left. Kevin already tested me the location, he wanted to come pick me but I refused, my mother wouldn’t allow that. I didn’t take my car, the driver is out for the weekend, so I took a taxi, I got there by 4 pm, I stood outside admiring Tue dance restaurant, being rich is awesome.


I walked in and gave the boy that opened the door for me, I heard Kevin calling me over, I smiled and went over to him.


“Wasn’t hard to find right” he said and gave him a nod, should I tell him hear looks expensive.


“Fancy restaurant” I said and he smiled


“The best for you dear” he said and motioned me to pick the menu, as I go through the menu I discovered that I don’t even know the food on this list, are they even African.


“I will go for fried rice” I said, he nods and puts down his menu, he hits a button at the center of thetable not long after, the waiter appeared and took our order.


“So how have school been to you” he asked, only one face came to mind at the mention of school.


“Good” I said,


“You seem dull” he said, oh its noticeable, I willed myself to be here, am dull cause I rather be somewhere else with a particular someone.


“Maybe cause am still weak from school” I said half the truth.


“Sorry, should’ve chosen another day” he said looking guilty.


“Never mind” I said, our food arrived and I was thankful, at least no more talking. He tried to bring up small tal as we eat and always give him straight and simple



answer. Talk about boredom, I now know how awkward it is to go on date with someone you feel nothing for.


“Hope you enjoyed the food” he asked and I nod, since I came I don’t think I have said up to 10 word.


“Barbara, I asked you so we could talk about my proposal, lately I have no idea where you spend your time” he said, I looked down, he still have hopes.


“I admired you, truthfully I did, you are cute, but it was nothing more than a teenage crush, you know the types girls have on celebrity” I said, I compared him with celebrity, just to make him feel better


“So it means you were never in love with me” he asked, I never meant to give him that idea.


“Nop, am sorry you misunderstood” I said sadly.


“Misunderstood?” He said quietly. “You took me for a ride b—h!” He said raising his voice, my head snapped up looking around I saw people looking our way.


“I know you sad, but please calm down” I pleaded, I hate attention, especially one of embarrassment.


“You used me” he said, when? I asked myself, “you’re dating another guy right, its who you spend your time with” he said his eyes already turning red, Kevin now looks like a stranger.


“Wait till I find out who, I will make him and I will show you how wrong your choice was” he said and stormed out, I wish I could just disappear, should I be afraid, am just a friend to Eric, if Kevin finds out I spend time with Eric will he hurt Eric.


Slowly tears flow down my cheek, am such a wuss, as if that wasn’t enough the waiter brought the bill and its a whole lots of zeros, I gasped as I saw it, so he didn’t pay, I searched my purse but couldn’t find my ATM, the money am with is not even up to half, besides its my transport fare.


What am I going to do, now the waiter will embarrass me the more, I laid my head on the table and hope the customers will stop their pitiful stare.


After a while, I heard a tap on my table, I raised up my head and saw him, sitting in front of me, not my imagination, his real, I touched his warm hands and he smiled.


“What” I said barely above a whisper, he then leaned forward.


“Every Barbie deserves a fairytale, am here to give you one” he said smiling, I


smiled back. Just like that all my affliction was wiped away, the monster became


my hero.











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