Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Chapter 11


I was overjoy when I heard the bell for break, it means I get to spend time with him, he never leaves the class during break I hope he remembers the date. I walked towards the door, on reaching I turned at him he already have his eyes on me, that made me gay, I smiled and so did he. He just gave me the answer am looking for, I went to our spot to wait for him, our spot, sounds nice.


I didn’t wait long he came almost immediately, I smiled as I saw him coming, his gentle walk always amaze me, how can such monster have a gentle walk. “Looks like somebody miss me” I said giggling like a fool, he scoffed


“Barely, I was just taught never to keep a lady waiting” he said and sat beside me, close enough that our shoulders were touching, now I hate the cloth that serves as a barrier. I need to figure out my feelings


“So what did he say” he said handing a juice and a minced pie, I guess I was too focus on him I didn’t see the bag he carried. I took it and thanked him, he also brought out his.


“He asked me out on a date, like a friend hangout” I said munching down my pie “And you say you two aren’t an item” he said mocking “No we aren’t” I defended he just smile


“So when is the date” he asked, how foolish I never asked Kevin.


“Friday” I said


“Alright, I wish you fun” he said as he took his last bite, he chew so elegantly. I feel there is more to Eric than meets the eyes.


“I love the meaning of your name” I said, I actually searched about it yesterday.


“Really” he said turning to me


“So what does it mean” he asked


“Eternal ruler or everlasting ruler” I said and he nods


“Good” he looked down “was given to me by my Mom” he said with a sad smile.



“Then she choose the best” I said, I don’t know why he suddenly became sad but I never want that.


“Yea, and also beautiful, for long I never knew I could ever see someone more beautiful than her” he said and crane his neck to the right.


“Wow, its not every day a guy admits someone is more beautiful than his mom” I said, already feeling jealous of whoever he’s talking about.


“Yea it was unbelievable, but the person am talking about can easily take the role of Miss world with no contest or competition. Shes like the upgrade version of my mom” he said smiling.


“Wow, then she most really be beautiful” I said sadly, why do I hurt, I found it hard to swallow, I kept drinking the juice.


“You alright” he asked feeling concern, I just gave him a nod.


“I guess I will find something to wear for my date and also call Amina to make me up, I have zero idea about make up” I said, why did I make it sound like am taking the date serious.


“That’s not the only thing you have zero skills on” he said chuckling, I shoved him and he laughed, it was melody to my whole being.


“No need putting on make up, no need going extra miles or putting on work” He cares over my cheeks and goosebumbs assaulted me, “you’re God perfect design for your simplicity is the sweetest” he said locking eyes with me, what’s the pool off emotion I keep floating on whenever am with him, why can’t I look away, am drawn to him like magnets.


I was jolts out of my trance when I heard the bell, I lost my cool and started scrapping about, I have never been like this, from the day this guy came out from the bus I knew he was different. I stood up quickly and left before I embarrass myself even more.


“Barbie” he called and I stopped “am glad am the one that had the first date” he said and my lips curled up into a warm smile


“Me too” I muttered before leaving.






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