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Chapter 7



I made sure to avoid Kevin after dismissal, I decided am not ready for date yet, I just have to tell him one way or the other. The conversation with Eric kept playing in my head.


“Barbie?. Who does it think he is, that monster, I will make sure to give him a piece of my mind tomorrow” I said as I drift to sleep.


“So tell me, how have school been” my dad asked as we eat our break fast. “Fine” I answered


“Good, I will give your mother money to go buy you new gown, we have a party to attend on Friday. Since my dad success we always get invitation to parties, some he takes me and mom, others he takes only mom.


” am grown up, soon I will 17, I can go get it myself” I looked at mom cause once she agrees dad will.


“Sure, but I will send the picture to you phone, so you will know the one to buy” she said and smiled, am already planing on how to take Amina, I always read about it in the novels, its time to experience mine.


I came late to school today, dad kept asking me series of question, luckily they don’t flog or punish like my formal school. My dad just took the blame and everything was dropped. When I got to class, Eric was there, seeing him made me curled up my toes, I walked slowly to my chair praying I won’t stumble. He is looking outside, always, I then stared at him as I walked, unfortunately my prayer was rejected, I stumbled disrupting the peace of the class, I shoot my eyes at him, he already have his on me. How embarrassing I then hurried to my chair.


I made sure to avoid him through out the day, I wanted to confront him about calling me barbie but because other morning incident I avoided him like a plague.

“You rushed home yesterday” Kevin said to me during dismissal,


“Sorry, totally forgot you asked me to wait” I said giving him a puppy smile, he smiled too how cute, his kindness is part of the reason am crushing on him, don’t forget his cute face.


“Well, you’re here now” he said as we walked closer to the gate, I saw the delinquents got on their bus and drove out, I didn’t see him though.


“I have been meaning to ask you, wouldyoudateme” Kevin said, but the last phrase was in one breath


“What” I said not that I didn’t hear him, am just giving him a chance to say it better or change his mind.


“Would you date me” I guess he said it better. I stopped walking and turn to him, I looked at him like he have the answer to the question. Could it be lovely if I date him, or is it just a crush on a cute face.



“I will think about it” I said, he smiled, he stretched out his arms to hold me but was stopped by my driver honking. He was startled, cute though o smiled.


“See you later then” he said and we parted ways. I forget to tell Amina about the shopping.


School proceeded with no drama, I avoided the monster, but I now go to the place I first had a conversation with him, I know he uses it in the morning and I in the afternoon, but I still go. Whenever am there I stretch my eyes to see him in the window, I do his figure but not a clear view for his far, I still stare though. The only good thing is am going to shopping on Friday, Amina asked first, she also want to shop for the same party, it turns out a lot of my classmate are coming to the party.


“Yahoo” Richie screamed as we heard dismissal bell, he’s been happy since morning.


“Why so happy” I asked arranging my books.


“Cause am going to be spending my weekend at home,so from here am going home, not camp” he said and took his bag and ran off.


I looked at Eric he is still sitting, I wonder if he is going home too.


“Let me get that for you” Kevin offered, he’s been doing that, he’s now super sweet since he asked me out, I still have not given him any reply.


“No don’t bother” I nicely decline like I have been doing, he now followed me out. When we got to the gate, I saw the delinquents entering inside their private cars, they’re all happy,


“Wear something good Amina, cause I will introduce you to my parents” Richie screamed and Amina was frozen as Richie drove away, I smiled.


They all are super excited, my face frown as I saw the military bus drove in, thought they have a weekend off, why then did they come. I looked back and saw Eric coming, he is a alone. They say no man is an island, the person that said that have clearly not met Eric. I watched him went inside the bus alone and my heart bled for him. How painful it must be for him to spend the weekend in the camp while others go home and have fun.



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