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Chapter 15


I locked lips with him and everything stopped, I heard nothing else just the sound of my heart, I felt nothing else just my lips on his, at 7:00 Friday day night, I had my first kiss, with my monster. I broke off the kiss, not waiting for a second I ran to the gate and went inside, he didn’t call back, I must have made a fool out of myself.


I went to bed immediately, not that am tired, I just need to be alone, I touched my lips as I lay down, he taste like vanilla, I still feel his lips cause mine kept throbbing.


“How will I face him on Monday” I said, how frustrating, I screamed into my pillow, I feel like exploding, I remember clearly when he said he never fallen in love.


“Am hopeless” I said, I smiled as I remembered the basket ball, I went on a date with Kevin but actually had fun with Eric. When I told him Kevin called it wasn’t because I need help, I just want to keep talking to him. He really gave me a fairytale. I remembered his well chiseled abs and my face heats up, am so having not so innocent thought, I giggled and rolled around on my bed.


“Seem from Monday I will avoid you, at least let me bask in this memory” I said and touched my lips, am so not brushing till Monday.


When I woke up on Monday, I felt lazy to go school, am so embarrassed to see him, at the same time I want to see him so much like a pressed person needs restroom.



“Are you not going to school” my mom said to me as she saw me reluctantly walked out from my room.


“Feeling a bit under the weather” I lied, am just in a delimma,


“If its that bad you can sit home and I will get the doctor over” she said and that just helped me make up my mind.


“Its not that bad, I can survive” I said and went back to prepare, I hate doctors, anything related to hospital.


“OK go dress up, I will fix breakfast” she said, over the weekend I kept creating scenario where I meet Eric. And all the scenario I made ends up with me embarrassing myself the more


After my breakfast I left for school, I already made up my mind to avoid going to our spot, I will avoid him as much as I can, and I will make sure not to have eye contact with him. I took a deep breath and went inside school, I made sure not to look sideways, I don’t want to accidentally see him, looking at me now, am like a terminator walking to kill her target.


“Cool it girl with your robotic walk” Amina said coming beside me, so it was that noticeable.


“Sorry, was lost in thought” I said, she just shrugged.


“They’re here” she said, I regretted looking cause that moment I saw Eric coming down from the bus, our eyes met and I gasped. I turn and ran, literally I ran. Everybody kept looking my way, how embarrassing, I held myself from breathing for I fear I might cry if I breath, I rushed to the girls room. I finally breath, what to do, I won’t mind spending the rest of my day here, why didn’t I hold myself, why did I kiss me. Its not my fault, he called me with that romantic voice, what did he expect.


I left the rest room cause I heard some noise outside, it was the same with the day in the canteen. I slowly came outside, the crowd have gathered, I shoved at them to see what’s happening. I first saw Kevin on the ground with bloody face, and Eric was towering over him.


“What” I screamed and Eric’s snapped his neck towards me,


“He attacked him for no reason” Kelly said, am confused, what would’ve happened.


“Since Friday, when Eric came back he have been a foul mood” Richie said, does he hate the fact I kissed him that much, what have I done.


“Eric” I muttered, I felt my feet moved forward, I should apologize for making him so angry. Before I could take a step closer the soldiers took down Eric, they cuffed



him and dragged him away. Now out of my own selfishness I became the architecture to his punishment yet again.


“Where are they taking him to” I asked


“Camp” Richie said sadly and walked away with Amina, I watch as they took him away, slowly the student dispersed, I stood rooted to the ground with broken heart. I never knew I would have my first heart break two days after my first kiss.


Slowly the field was empty and am alone weeping, I feel so guilty, I should’ve think twice before laying one on him.


I went to class and all that was taught that day was a waste cause I heard nothing,


worse I really became sick.




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