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Written by:


Author Donna



Season 2 Synopsis






After the war,the vampires go into hideout because the demons has risen in a full fold. But their queen is not happy.


She did not only lose her parents but also the love of the vampire king Damien. Alisha has to choose between being the queen of Black Moore and leaving the throne for the greedy uncle she has or fighting for the man she loves,the man who is suspected to being in a spell,a spell which may never be broken.


A spell which may cause him his life if he tampers with it. How did he get spelled?


And who’s the socerer?


Remember the last existing witch was Damien’s mother,so who’s this socerer? Is she evil?


And what oath did Damien take when he was at the brink of death? Is it connected to the spell?? How did he survive?


Will he ever love Alisha again?







Written by:


Author Donna



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