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Season 2 Episode 2






King Damien’s POV






I finally learnt her name was Morgana and we’ve been saddling for days, heading to zikia. I know I’ve been spelled and also there’s no way out of it.


“A penny for your thoughts,my king?” Her voice broke the peaceful silence as I turned to look at her. “What do you want to Know?” I asked and she chuckled, throwing a sweet glance at me before looking ahead.


“Just what you’re thinking, that’s the only thing I don’t have Dominion over,I can’t read your thoughts” she confessed and i smirked stylishly.


“You can smile out my king but remember one thing,once you mess up, your heir will be no more” she threatened and i slid back into my shell.


“Wow, finally!” She exclaimed as zikia came into view, the place was bustling with activities but it all came to a stop when they sighted me.


Immediately,they fell to their faces,as I dismounted the horse and helped Morgana too. “It seems they’ve missed you alot” she said in a whisper as we walked towards the Royal castle.


“Arise the king of zikia arrives” Lord Bennett announced and Immediately, people bowed as we made our way in.


“My Lord this way please” Lord Bennett said, ushering me into the new chamber where Katherine sat, waiting close to the window.


“You’re back, you’re alive!” She exclaimed, walking towards me as her smile seized. Her eyes traveled down to our entwined hands as she moved backwards.



“Who’s she?” She asked and immediately Morgana let go of my hand and walked forward.


“Morgana” she said while Katherine smirked. “Am lady Katherine the king’s betrothed” she announced boastfully as Morgana chuckled.


“Oh my Lady,but that has to change because,I and the king have fallen deeply in love with each other and if you stand in the way, you’ll be gone” she whispered the last part but am sure Katherine heard it because her facial expression became livid.


“I’ll love to watch you try” she replied and walked out.






Lady Alisha’s POV






“I just got news,King Damien is back,but he returned with someone,a lady” Gwen whispered as I looked into her eyes.


“How sure are you?” I asked, placing Ashton on my bed as I turned to face her properly. “Am very sure my Lady, you have to act fast,or else..” i raised my hands and Immediately she got the message and shut up.


“Set for our departure secretly,we have to be back before my uncle gets well” I said and Immediately she nodded and left.


I know I’ve wronged him,the war claimed a lot of lives including that of my parents i just hope am not too late,I just hope I’ve not lost his heart.


Revenge has driven me to my doom,it has driven me to a wrong path,my words on the night I left zikia replayed in my head as lightening flashed through the sky. ..




“We have to go unnoticed, he has to see his son” I said, wrapping Ashton properly in the cloak.



“Some people are coming,come on let’s get going” Gwen said in a whisper as someone flashed a burning flame towards our way.


“Who are you?” The familiar voice Katherine welcomed us as I scoffed. But where could be heading to by this time of the night? Isn’t she supposed to be in the castle?


I looked up and closed my eyes, immediately heavy wind began to blow as we broke into a run. Knowing who Katherine is,I knew she was going to vampire speed and get ahead of the us so…..I grabbed Gwen as we vanished into thin air.


It’s not time for anyone to know am around, it’s not time for them to know the heir of zikia is alive.













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