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Season 2 Episode 3






King Damien’s POV






The wind blew fiercely as thunder stroke the clouds. I don’t know what it means


but am sure it’s a sign. “Thinking about something?” Morgana asked, walking up to


me as I sighed”no why do you ask?” I asked, turning to face her as my mind drifted


back to the bloody war,the demons took almost all we had and it’s all her fault.


Alisha’s fault.










The clashing of swords, screaming from young and innocent one’s filled my ears as I laid in the pool of my own blood. A demon stabbed me with a silver dagger, making me weak and becoming dormant over me.

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I watched as the demons fought,slew and finished the vampires off. Then I asked myself a question. Am I worth to be called a king?.


“Alisha, Alisha please save my people, even if not for anything,for the love we share,put a stop to this cold war” I begged as my own blood choked me.


It’s as if she was possessed by something,as if she didn’t know what she was doing.


“Why should I? Your people kept us in bondage, you suck humans as if you created them but it’ll end today, it’ll definitely end” she lamented as thunder stroke the clouds.


“With the power invested in me,I make the vampires slaves,impotent before us” she yelled as my eyes began to close down. She watched me take my last breath as everything on Earth became blurry.








Lady Alisha’s POV






We got to a dark alley which led to the king’s chamber. I really need to see him,even if he hates me,he can’t hate his son.


“My Lady let’s get going” Gwen said, taking the baby from my arms as I followed suit.


“This is it, you’ll keep the witch busy with your magic while i talk to him.” I ordered and she nodded.






I blew all the lights out as the guards became confused,they trotted everywhere to get grass and stones so I used this as an opportunity to get into Damien’s chamber. He slept peacefully but in an awkward position.


I placed Ashton on the empty part of the bed before turning to tap him. “Wake up” I whispered as he sat up and immediately,he flung me backwards with his powers as I hit the floor length mirror.


“What are you doing here? What else do you need?” He asked, moving closer to me but I stood my ground, looking into his eyes without a trace of fear.


“I brought your son, he’s there” I said and he turned to look at Ashton before looking at me. “Since you’ve brought him, you can leave,i don’t want to see you here except you’ll be my prisoner” he added as the door opened revealing the witch as she pulled Gwen roughly by the hair into the chamber.


“Oh who do we have here?” She asked sarcastically, dropping Gwen on the floor as her eyes trailed to Ashton.


“Oh…..our prince” she said, moving to hold him but I was fast enough to block her




“You dare not touch him, he’s mine not yours” I emphasized the yours as she chuckled. “Of course, keep him well and safe.


“I must not see them tomorrow or else….” She said and walked out as Damien’s


face lost it’s glow.


“What’s she talking about?” I asked walking up to him but he stopped me.


“Don’t come closer, you have no business here, just leave but not with my son” he added immediately.


“If am not leaving with my son then am going no where,be prepared for me” with that,I took my son and vanished from his chamber.













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Author Donna



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