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Season 2 Episode 5






Lady Alisha’s POV






“You know we have to find a way to break the spell” I said, placing Ashton on the bed as Gwen nodded.


Yes but how? She’s powerful she can sense the presence of someone from afar, that’s how good she is” Gwen said as I scoffed.


“She cannot be more powerful than your queen,can she?” I asked, sliding into my cloak as she narrowed her eyes at me. “Yeah….am making a trip to the king’s chamber” I said as a blush rose to my cheeks.


“Oh okay” she replied.






Lady Morgana POV






Hmm…..I have to fasten my plan, so I can be the queen of zikia. I can’t let anyone


have him apart from me. I really made him believe he’s under a spell but no.


Am only going to tell him once I have the title queen of zikia. I’ll finally fulfill my grand father’s wish.


The door opened to reveal the lady Katherine as she walked in, swaying her hips from side to side.


“So what can I do for you?” I asked, rising from the velvet chair. “Hmm…..I


thought you were going to chase me out of your chamber, after all am your rival” she said, walking up to me with a powder in her hands.


My eyes grew wide as she chuckled and spilled it on me as my screams filled the air.


“Oops don’t shout too much, besides I got it from the demon queen Alisha so I added some things to it. You’ll work for me and if you fail to do it, you’re gone” she said as I fell to a limp on my feet.


“Is that clear?” She asked as tears gushed out of my eyes. But how did she know that this can work on me?I need to look for a way to get out of this.


“Oh just so you know, there’s no way out once you try to get out, you’ll die” with that,she walked out of the chamber as I gasped and sprang up to my feet. ..




King Damien’s POV






The door creaked open as she walked in. A smile crept to my face as she advanced towards me as she took her cloak off.


“Mine” I groused as I attacked my lips with mine, pulling her closer to my body as our moans filled the air. Our clothes came off one by one as we tumbled on the bed.


“I’ve missed you” she said as I kissed her lips down to her chest and took her nipples into my mouth as she moaned loudly.


“Please….. please” she begged as I smiled and pulled the second one into my




I don’t care what tomorrow holds but am never letting her go. Nothing will come in


between us,not even her stubbornness.














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