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Episode thirteen






King Damien’s POV






“It’s all cleared” Lord James announced, putting on his hooded cloak before heading out. I walked towards the dungeon,I needed to see her. It hurts to see her in that hell hole.


I slid the key into the lock, turning it around until it came open. I stepped into the cramped up place, everywhere looked dusty and empty..what! Empty? But why? Where could she be?


“Am right here” I heard her frail voice as she came out of her hiding place and my heart almost stopped beating. “A….. Alisha?” I asked with tears running down my


cheeks as she smiled bittersweetly…..


“I just found out recently and wanted no one to know who or what I am, it’s funny how am in this particular situation again” she said as I moved forward to hug her. “I’ve missed you so much, don’t ever leave me again, don’t” i whispered, stroking her back lightly as she sighed and pulled away from me.



“I can’t continue to hide from everyone, I’ve made my decision but you have to play your part” she added as I furrowed my brows. What does she mean by i have to play my part??


“Am going to reveal myself tomorrow and leave for my kingdom, don’t get married to Katherine, leave everything for i and my mother to handle.” She stated “how am I sure the demons won’t attack us? How am I sure that we won’t be raided?” I asked as she frowned.


“It’ll definitely happen, your clan killed and took our people and land forcefully, you brought us to our knees and you think the war is over?”she asked as I closed my eyes and sighed.


“Is that what you want? Bloodshed? Swords slicing flesh? Is it?” I asked as she


walked closer to me. “Don’t blame me, you and your sick clan caused it, you may


leave,I know my way out of here” she added as I scoffed. “Once a demon, always a


demon” I muttered before walking out.












Alexa’s POV






The dungeon lock turned as the door pushed open revealing two guards, it’s time to toy with them and show them who I am. “She’s not here,but where’s she?” One asked as I chuckled, making sure they heard it.


It’s time to torment them, just like their king said,once a demon always a demon. I saw the fear in their eyes as their body trembled.


“Am right here” I spoke out again and this time, they ran out of the dungeon, leaving it open as I smirked. It’s time to act.



I made sure no one saw me, making use of my Powers until I got to Katherine’s chamber. I placed my hands on the door and Immediately it slid open and I walked in. “Don’t you think it’s time to say a little Hello? Sis? I said and Immediately she jerked awake from her sleep as she moved backwards.


“You’re dead, you’re dead……..I …how but you’re….” ” Oh cut the crap


Katherine,am just here to let you know that the war has just begun,the Royal title


has always been mine and no one can take it,not a pauper like you, I’ll be leaving


zikia but don’t try anything funny”






“Don’t be scared, your prisoner is still around” I announced walking into the judgement room as several guards moved to hold me but of course once a demon always a demon,I flung them backwards with just my eyes and others retreated to their position.


“How did she get out?” Lord Alistair asked and I noticed Damien, he couldn’t look at me in the eyes,his head was bowed over a paper.


I just hope it’s not what am thinking,I just hope they’ve not manipulated him. “Take her away” Lord ceaser screamed and Immediately I stretched my hands to him……as he went up from his chair into the air, coughing profusely as others shivered.


“If you want this,stop me from leaving zikia” I dared and of course no one stopped me,not even the king who claims to love me.


I’ll be back and when I get back, there’ll be war,zikia prepare for war!!






The End

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