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Season 2 Episode 6




________________________ THEME: JUSTICE


Lady Alisha’s POV


The danger bell rang three consecutive times as I made my way to the hall of meeting,of course on disguise. No one knows am around and I prefer to keep it so.


I walked into the hall and took the back seat. Damien sat on his Royal chair and our eyes made contact as we both smiled.


I averted my gaze and watched as Katherine walked in,with her head raised high like a peacock.


“Am sure we’re all aware of the reason we’re here?” Lord maclon said as some people nodded while some mumbled.


“Silence!” He exclaimed and the hall became quiet again. “King Damien has decided to break the engagement between Lady Katherine and himself and he’s not asking for permission from anyone, it’s his will and so shall it be” he said and a smile crept to my face.


“By the power invested in me,I there by call the engagement off, there’ll no longer be a tie between the king and lady Katherine” Lord maclon said as people mumbled.



I don’t care what they think or what they say but today is for justice and that’s what I’ll get. Just then,the door opened and revealed Lord ceaser been pulled in by some guards. I smirked as Katherine’s eyes bulged.


I know she’s the fake Katherine,the real Katherine was caught with Lord ceaser making love and their judgement awaits them.


“What’s going on?” Someone from the crowd asked as the real lady Katherine was dragged in in just a blanket around her chest.


That’s what she gets for playing wise. “What’s going on?” Damien asked as some people gasped.


“This is what happened” I replied, taking off my cloak as people gasped. “Take her, she’s the demon she’s supposed to be stoned to death” people chanted as the guards tried to reach me but I flung my hands in the air and Immediately they flew back.


“Stop!!” Damien snapped and immediately everywhere became silent. “We have a demon in our midst but that doesn’t mean harm, she’s what I want what we need,we don’t need a cheating queen,we need a standard queen a queen who’s ready to do her best for her people, that’s what Lady Alisha portrayed,if there’s anyone against our Union let me know” he said but the hall remained silent as the fake Katherine changed to Morgana making everyone to gasp.


“They’ll face execution immediately. Lady Morgana is to be killed by blood drawn while lady Katherine is to be beheaded” he ordered as the hall went into an uproar.


Tears glistened in my eyes as he made his way towards me. He smiled and pulled me into his arms as everyone cheered.


Finally everyone accepted me for being a demon queen and I finally have my place beside the love of my life king Damien of zikia.


“Long live the king! Long live the queen!” They all chanted as we made our way


out of the hall.






King Damien’s POV






“How are feeling?” I asked walking into the newly assigned chamber for our prince as Alisha rocked him in her arms.


“Am feeling good,have the execution taken place?” She asked and I nodded. “I didn’t want you to behold such a displeasing sight” I replied and wrapped my hands around her.


“Let’s unite our kingdoms, I’ve spoken to my people and they gave me the go ahead” she said as a smile broke through my face.


“Thanks my queen, thanks so much” I said and we kissed softly and sweetly.














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Author Donna



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