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Episode seven






Alexa’s POV






A shiver raked my body as I woke up and noticed that I was naked. But where’s the blanket and………..


My gaze landed on king Damien as he sat on a rocking chair, looking down at me with lust in his eyes. I gulped and tried looking elsewhere, suddenly feeling shy as his gaze pierced me.


What exactly have I done wrong? Why’s he giving me that stare? I wondered as he stood up and walked over to the bed.


“How are you feeling?” He asked, kissing the part he marked on my neck as I shivered and felt arousal course through me……like a wave.


“Am fine……..can…..can I go back to my chamber now?” I asked, looking through


the window as the sunlight poured in.


“No…….I want you here with me me, although I have a meeting to attend,I want


you to stay in my chamber” he said, looking deeply into my eyes as he kissed me lightly.


He groaned and sent his hands to my exposed bossom as he kneaded it, erupting a moan from me. His second hand traced my stomach,down to my snatch as he slid two fingers into it.


I jerked and moaned from pleasure and pain,more of pain. His hands kept on thrusting in and out as I jerked involuntarily. His hot breath fanned my skin as he kissed my cheeks,lips,jaw,In between my br**sts my stomach before stopping at my snatch.


He blew cool breeze on it before licking my little nub. His fingers continued their assault as his tongue licked and sucked all the nectars, making me to jerk and buck my hips.


Soon his tongue created stabbing notions as……I screamed into the bright day, climbing my climax as I found my release.


I laid on the bed, feeling weak and tired as he covered me with the blanket before


placing a chaste kiss on my forehead.






Lady Katherine’s POV






“What are you doing here,and in the morning?” I asked, getting pissed as I drew the shutters close.


“You’ve neglected me for so long,I can hardly hold the hunger anymore” Lord ceaser said, unzipping my dress as it fell at a pool at my feet. His hands connected to my bossom as I moaned and turned to kiss him.


“We can’t be seen together, besides you have a meeting with……” A knock came


through the door, silencing me Immediately as I picked my dress and wore it properly.



“You’ll have to leave through the window, don’t want to get into trouble” I said,as he vampire sped out of the window.


“Come in” I said lowly as father walked in. “Who was with you?” He asked as I shivered in fear.


“No one father,what a surprise, you came to see me” I said sweetly as his eyes darkened.


“Don’t lie to me hinny,I know you were with someone, just pray it’s not who I


think it is or else……… I’ll disown you!” He spat as I gulped hard and blocked my thoughts.


I don’t want him finding out that ceaser has been my lover for years.


“I received a letter from……..the seer,she has news and wants you to meet her by night” he said as I smiled.


“Okay father thanks” I replied as he turned around and walked out.






King Damien’s POV






“Arise the king of zikia arrives” Lord Bennett exclaimed as the council members stood up.


“Sit” I ordered before taking my seat. “I received your letter and I’ve come to give you answers” I said as they nodded.


“My Lord,are you aware it’s time to change your pet?” Lord Alistair asked as my heart pounded.


“Yes……” I replied as he nodded. “Are you also aware that your pet has to die


before you take in a new one?” He asked as I nodded.


I knew where he was heading to and I hate it. I can’t kill Alexa,I won’t.


“Then why the delay? As council heads,we demand that she be brought and face her death just like the law of zikia says” Lord Alistair said as Lord James stood up.


“I object,it’s too soon……. besides this pet just came into our world some months


back,she can’t die now” he said as Lord Alistair chuckled.


“Young hearts will always remain the same……. you either bring her for trial by


blood draw or we kill her with way she dies” he said as the other council members chanted”yes”


I closed my eyes as Alexa came into view, why’s my life like this…..they wanted to


kill Alisha,now it’s Alexa never!!


“I’ll never do that,the meeting is adjourned” with that,I walked out of the room as their murmurs trailed behind me.


I’ll protect her with my last strength if that’s what I have to do…….am not gonna


lose another woman in my life, I’ve lost two…..I don’t plan on making it three.






Unknown POV






I saddled my horse as zikia came into view,it’s time to avenge my daughter……..


and no one’s gonna stand in my way,not even his pet.


I drank the potion and Immediately,I changed form to a young maiden as I pulled my bag and began walking into the town of zikia.


Still beautiful as before but the people all have black minds,am going to make sure they all suffer the wrath she suffered, make sure no one gets into my way.


I know my daughter Alisha is in zikia but she needs to claim her rightful place


which is the throne with the king ….













(Vampire Romance)


By: Author Donna




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