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Episode ten












“Where have you been?” King Damien asked as I entered the ballroom. “Oh….. I


was just admiring the Flowers surrounding the ballroom” I lied, looking deep into his eyes as I smiled inwardly.


Am thankful I regained my memories,it’s good to be back but in a new body. Am going to make all of them pay, starting with Lord Bennett. And I have to pay my father a visit.


“So is everything ok?” I asked, faking interest as Damien flashed me a sweet smile.


Yes I called him Damien because we’re equals.


“Yes,the ball is about to start fully, we’re going to dance I hope my beautiful lady knows her steps?” He asked as I contemplated on saying yes but thought otherwise.


“No……I….I… wasn’t thought” I replied as he chuckled and pulled me to the dance floor.


The soft music glided along with our steps as we danced gracefully. I could feel the angry stares of vampires and lustful looks from men but none of that is my problem.



“You learnt quickly” his question was direct and accusing as I gulped and giggled. “Really? Then it’s an honor to have you as my teacher” I replied,as someone tapped him.


“My Lord,may I have the honor of dancing with her since the judicial call is on?” Lord McGill asked as I noticed his clenched fist.


“I won’t be long” with that,he turned and walked away.


“So beautiful lady,pray ye what’s your name?” He asked as I batted my eyelashes at him. It’s really hard to act as a slave now that I know am not one.


“Alexa, your highness” I replied as he brushed his hands against my hips. He smirked sensing my reaction as I masked my discomfort.


“Such a lovely name,so is the king treating you nicely?” He asked, sliding his hands higher as they settled over my br**sts, making me gasp as someone pulled him away and flung him across the room.


Damien stood, looking at me with anger radiating from his body. He pulled me roughly out of the room as gasps and murmurs trailed behind us. ..




I couldn’t ask what the reason was out of fear. He has always been like this acts without reasoning and……


My thoughts were cut short when he got to his chamber and attacked my lips with his


He bit and nibbled on the lower lip, forcing a moan out of me as I opened my mouth allowing his tongue to glide in freely, melding perfectly with mine.


“You liked his attention right? You liked it that’s why you didn’t………push him away?” He asked as I frowned.


“No…..why are you saying something like this? You know…..” He smashed me


against the wall as he attacked my lips with his hot and demanding lips, pressing me into the wall with his big frame as I moaned into his mouth.


“I want you,I can hardly hold myself” he whispered,his hot breath fanning my ears as he pulled my zipper while I attacked his Royal robe.


“But….but isn’t this wrong?” I asked as he shivered, looking into my eyes with lust


and hunger.


“There’s this attraction I have towards you,I don’t know how to explain it,I ….I….


just know that I want you and nothing will stop me ” he replied before kissing his way down my neck,my br**sts and my stomach. ..




King Damien’s POV






“You’re beautiful” i whispered, kissing her nape……..and carrying her to the bed


before depositing her on it.


I don’t know why it’s like a magnet, pulling me towards her.


“I love you,I love you” I chanted,easing myself into her as she screamed,I began to thrust in and out of her as thunder rumbled outside…….. immediately the rain began to pour heavily.


I know I’ve offended the elders I know there’ll be trouble on the morrow but I don’t


care, I’ll face the consequences.






Lady Miranda’s POV






“Something is definitely wrong,I sense it,I can feel it……



The king has offended the elders and there’ll be trouble, I placed the black stones on the floor as his pets face appeared.


She’s Alisha, she’s Alisha!!! I have to protect my daughter.










(Vampire Romance)


By: Author Donna



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