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Episode eleven






Alexa’s POV






I jerked awake and noticed it was Dawn already but something seems off. It’s as if something was gonna go wrong.


I stared at Damien sleeping peacefully beside as his chest rose and fell,I just hope my hunch isn’t right.


I know what awaits me,I know what is going to happen but I must overcome.


The door bursted open revealing Lord Bennett, lady Katherine,Lord Alistair and four guards as they marched in,with furious looks. ..




“Take her” Lord Alistair ordered as Damien woke up, looking around as he frowned and jumped out of the bed.


“Am not going to allow that, she’s mine and there’s nothing you can do about it,I don’t care about the prophesy,all I know is that she’s going nowhere.



“What about our betrothal?” Lady Katherine asked, feigning sadness as her father wrapped her in his embrace. “I annulled it long ago,we were only Betrothed because of the spell but I have been healed,i can love now” he replied as I smirked inwardly.


“You’ve spoken and now it’s time to listen. You may be the king,but am still the highest royalty you can think of in zikia so with the power invested in me,I there by sentence her to dungeon to await her punishment!!” He snapped as I jerked but of course it’s just a facade.


His threat’s,their threat’s mean nothing to me because I’ve been there before.


He turned to stare at me with eyes shining with love as he pulled me in for a kiss,not minding their presence.


We moaned into our mouths as he lifted me into his laps. “Take her away” Lord Alistair ordered and Immediately,they bundled me and as I turned to look, Damien had tears in his eyes.


He cried because of me,he loves me so I have to fight for him and make sure I


come out alive.






Lady Miranda’s POV






Lord Bennett will stop at nothing, until he makes his daughter the queen of zikia. What he doesn’t know is that she can never be compared to Alisha,Alisha is a born and bred Royal princess but Katherine is just a Lady.


I know what I saw and I have to work on it,this time around the people of zikia will weep over all they have.


I sat, crossed my legs and bowed my head over a steaming pot as…….. heavy smoke evaporated from it.


He chose this,he’s going to die slowly but surely, Lord Bennett death awaits you.


A knock came through the door and Immediately I knew it was Gwen. She rushed in and fell face flat and shivering slightly.


“My queen she has been taken, she’s in dungeon,what should we do” she asked as I peeled my hooded cloak off.


“Nothing, absolutely nothing but we must visit her every day and night,but we’ll not carry out anything we don’t want to blow her facade” I replied, standing up and moving to the window.


“Right now,we need to let the king know she’s alive” I said and turned to face Gwen,she had a confused look on her face as I sighed.


“Not king Damien,I mean her father,he has suffered enough thinking his daughter died,set up for a trip, we’ll be leaving zikia by night fall, nothing must be amiss”


“Yes my lady” she walked out, leaving me in my thoughts.






King Damien’s POV






“Calm down, just calm down, you’ve passed through this before, remember?” James words filled my ears as I groaned in fraustration.


“Right now the council heads are awaiting your presence in the judgement room, you have to be there” he reminded me as I scoffed.


“I don’t care if they’re the heads but am king and that fact remains the same” I spat


and walked out of my bedroom.






I walked into the judgement room but no one stood up and Lord Bennett was absent instead in his place was Lord ceaser and he held a knowing smirk.



“I might have gone Astray but I still demand my respect, don’t forget am still more powerful than you all” I announced as they stood up in greetings before sitting.


“King Damien,it was brought to our notice that you love your pet and have consummated with her because the wind last night wasn’t normal,it happened two centuries back and now again” Lord maclon said as the council heads nodded in agreement.


“Do you agree to love your human pet?” Lord ceaser asked as I scoffed. “No one defiles me,I remember demoting you,why are you here?” I asked,diverting the question.


“Lord Bennett is sick so I came in his stead” he replied as I frowned. “Then you must keep your mouth shut, you have no say here”


“Do you confess to love your human pet?” Lord maclon asked as I stared at everyone. “Yes I do” I replied truthfully,not hiding or leaving any stone unturned.


“Did you consummate your…..” I didn’t let him finish as I hit the table. “Yes I did


but am not the first and I won’t be the last,I know it” I yelled.


“As the council head and the oldest vampire in zikia,I there by sentence the pet of Lord Damien to a brutal death by blood draw” he stated as I looked into his eyes. It held nothing, just determination,anger…….. blood drawn is too much, she’ll die in pain and I can’t let that.


“As king of zikia,I demand that I see her once a day until the day of her death” I said but Lord Alistair declined.


“Never!!! Your marriage just got moved up,get ready or you face your


dethronement” with that,he stood up and walked out of the room as others trailed











(Vampire Romance)



By: Author Donna




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