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Season 2 Episode 1








Heavy wind blew across the horizon, sending chills into the spines of the inhabitants of Earth. The demon queen walked majestically and sternly around the dark axis of the black Moore kingdom,with a lonely heart.


She might have led the battle which forced the vampires to their knees but her heart still yearned and seek it’s rightful place.


“Your highness, prince Ashton’s wails has refused to subside,I think he needs his mother” Rosie a maiden informed Alisha. Rosie is a human girl who was taken captive by the vampires but Alisha rescued her and she became the little prince nanny.


Her slow steps to her sons chamber reminded her of the days in zikia,the days she wished to relive. “Do you need anything?” Rosie asked again, raising the shutters as lightening filled the air. “Nay, you may retire for the night,I plan to spend the night with my son” she announced and Immediately, Rosie bowed and made her way out of the chamber.


Her mind drifted back to Damien and the last time she saw him. The hurt in his blue orbs,the shallow breaths he took and the sad smile which finally thugged at his lower lip.


She finally realized the worth of her words on the night of her escape. Yes she has brought the vampires to their knees and made her people happy but her happiness went along,it vanished into thin air and this made her shiver. ..




“Arise,arise” the witch chanted over Damien’s injured body,he looked like someone who had been ravaged by beasts but nevertheless,the witch singsong over his body, passing hot coals and portions over his head before he slowly came back to live.


“Where am I?” He spoke lowly,as if calculating his next words as he looked around. Instantly, memories began rushing in,the clashing of swords,the grunting



of men,the cries of innocent and weak souls as the demons attacked in their numbers.


“You’re safe my Lord” the witch replied, placing her treasures and portions back in the box. “The war was fierce, right now,the demons have taken Dominion over zikia,any vampire who dares return there will face a brutal death” she whispered,with wide eyes before narrowing them.


“I made you to be alive,I gave you the chance to see the world again,what will be my reward?” She asked, wiping his body with a wet clothes as he clenched his jaw.


“I don’t have treasures,I don’t have gifts i only have one thing left, that’s my beating heart” he replied, placing her hands on his chest.


“Then let me have it” she blurted out and immediately,he frowned and pushed her hands away.


“This heart has only belonged to one person and that’s my queen,my woman,no matter what happens,no one can take…..arrgh” he groaned in pain as she chuckled.


“That’s what you get for professing love for another woman,great king of zikia, you just got entangled with the greatest witch ever, we’re entwined now,once you Try leaving me, you’ll die but if you don’t you’ll be alive, don’t forget I have your heir in my palms” she added devilishly with an evil smirk.


“That’s not possible I!” He snapped, looking at her face as she laughed demonically. “It is,dear prince of zikia,now I can fulfill my desires of being queen of zikia, finally!” She yelled as lightening and thunder filled the air. ..












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Author Donna



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