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My first true love


Chapter 20


Is my life ever going to be okay?


It was a long night; I looked outside the window and saw the Statue of Liberty from afar. I was finally lading in New York, where my new adventure awaits. “Please exit through the back door. We hope you enjoy your flit with American Airlines”


I got up and immediately headed toward the back door. Once exiting the airport, I headed outside to get a cab.


The life in New York is very hectic, I looked around and saw tons of cars parked in front of the airport. I looked around not sure where to go.


“Hi, do you need help?” I turned and saw a teenage guy, around my age standing before me smiling.


“I…no, I’m fine” I said politely. “First time in New York?” he asked. “Yeah…how did you guessed?”


He laughed and shock his head. “You look lost that’s why, do you need help getting a cab?”


I smiled and nodded. ” Yes, please”


He nodded and raised his hand. I stood there watching this mysterious guy that appeared out of nowhere.


In minutes a yellow cab parked in front of me. “There, he’ll drive you to your destination” he said opening the door for me. I blushed and smiled. “Thank you. May I ask what your name is?” I asked.


“My name is Robert” he said.


“It was nice to meet you Robert, my name is Jane” I said shaking his hand.


“It was nice to meet you too. You better go now, he is going to charge you if we keep him waiting.”


I laughed and nodded. “Bye”


“Good Luck, I hope to see you again” he said giving me a warm smile. I nodded and got in the cab.


“Can you take me to The Ritz-Carlton please” he nodded as we made our way into


the city that never sleeps.




As soon I checked in the hotel, I decided to give Marisa a call.




“Marisa, it’s Jane”


“Jane! How are you? Where are you?” Is everything okay?” she asked, not letting me talk.


“Calm down, I’m fine. I just checked in into a hotel. Everything is fine, I’m okay, so don’t worry”


“Now, I feel much better” she said exhaling.


“How is Jack?” I asked, not really wanting to know the answer. What if he went back home?


“I talked to him and he seemed alright. Jane, he was really in love with you. He doesn’t know what to do” she said. I could sense something else going on with Marisa. I wonder if she likes Jack.


“You have to talk to him Marisa. I will do anything possible to get back on time, but I’m not leaving until I find Alexander”


“How are you going to find him? There must be tons of places where he could be, where are you going to start looking first?”


“I have no clue yet, but I’m going to start planning”


“Okay, please take care of yourself” she said. I looked at my watch , it was almost midnight.


“I will, and take care of Jack” I said before hanging up.


Now, how am I going to find Alexander in a place like this, if only I could reach sense where he is.


I took out the bracelet that he gave me and closed my eyes.


“Alexander, where are you?” I whispered. I immediately felt coldness surrounding me. I open my eyes and mist started coming from the window.


“I finally found Alexander’s girlfriend….someone is going to be very happy to see


you” It whispered in my head. I felt an immense pain in my heart, not letting me breath… I took one last look at the rook before fainting…


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