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My first true love


Chapter 18


I started up at Jack not knowing what to do; it was then that I realized that he was talking to me.


“Jane are you okay?” he asked. I blushed and nodded.



There was a moment of awkwardness between us. I noticed Jack looking at bed then back at me for a few minutes, luckily my phone started ringing just before Jack opened his mouth to say something.


I hurriedly went to the table stand and notice a familiar name appeared on the screen; Marisa. What would she want now? I hesitantly answer. “Hello?”


“Jane! Are you guys having fun?” she asked giggling. I frowned as I heard Joe laughing on the other side of the line. Jerk.


“No, we’re going to sleep now, so I’d appreciate if you guys stop calling” I whispered with a hint of anger in my voice.


“Oh, have we angered you?” she asked, still laughing.


“Can we please talk later? I actually want to get a good rest tonight”


“Of course hunny, as long as you tell us the details tomorrow morning” I heard Joe said. I’m going to kill them tomorrow morning, that’s what I’m going to do.


I hang up and looked back at Jack; he was now in bed, sleeping peacefully. I walked up to him, he looked tired. I leaned closer; I could smell his breath, cologne and hair shampoo. All smelled wonderful. I looked from Jack’s eyes, to his lips. I ached to kiss them! But i held back. Now I sound like a creeper, I backed away and quietly walked to my side of the bed, get in and turned off the lights.


The night was chilly and dark, I could the sound of the waves through the window; I got up and walked towards the balcony. I opened the window and immediately froze as soon as the cold air touched my skin. I took a step forward and looked around, the streets were empty; there was no noise, just the sound of waves splashing water to the rocks. There were dozens of starts on sky, there light was so bright, the moon was shinning and bright as ever..


I closed my eyes inhaling the fresh air surrounding me; I wonder where Alexander could be right now? Is he thinking about me, like I’m thinking about him…or is has he forgotten about me yet?


Those unanswered questions have haunted my mind for days, since I last saw him. Maybe this change that I made may not help me forget about him, but it’s a start to my new life.


I took one last look at the ocean and retreated back to the room where my future lays. I took a deep breath and went inside without looking back.




Alexander’s P.O.V


Jane…my love…why did I leave you?



There are so many things that I want to tell you…that I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t, my world wasn’t made for you.


I took a deep breath looking at the Statue of Liberty, one of my favorite places to come at night and think. After I left Jane, I immediately talked to my parents about coming to New York, they thought it wasn’t a good idea knowing that there were a lot of vampire hunters here, ready to hunt my people, but


I needed to do something first, something that I’ve been meaning to do.


Kill the leader of one of the most powerful hunting clans in the world, his is Sebastian Onetto…the one that is haunting and looking for Jane.


There are things in this world that can hurt us, my biggest curse is to be a vampire and not be with the one I truly love.


I had to let her go in order to protect her. I just hope she forgives me one day.


I looked up at the sky and saw dozens of starts shinning and shimmering giving light to the city. I felt hopeless, but I knew that on the other side of the country my Jane was safe.


“Alexander, we have to keep moving, we can’t stay here for long” my mom gently said while placing her hand on my shoulder.


“I know mom, but not until Sebastian is dead” I said with anger.


“She will be alright as long as we stay out of her life” my dad intervene.


I looked up at both of them and saw sadness and fatigue, we have gone without blood for weeks, and it was now making us weak.


“You both need to go out and hunt, is not fair to keep you both without blood for so long” They looked at each other and then back at me.


“We need to be together…we can’t leave you” my mom said giving me a small smile.


“Yes you can, I’ll be fine…please go…for me” I saw their reaction, questioning if they were really going to leave.


My mom nodded and so did my dad after. “Take care Alexander, we won’t be gone for long” my mom whispered giving me a hug.


“Take care son, we’ll be back as soon as possible” he said giving me a smile. I smiled back and nodded.


“I’ll be waiting” They nodded and disappeared into the night.


I have never felt alone in my entire life, but I’m doing this for them, I can’t let others hurt the ones that I love.


The sound of the water surrounding the island was calming to my ears, I lay down on the grass and closed my eyes, not once looking back at my past, but rather thinking about the future.



If I can’t be with Jane, I’ll make sure nobody hurts her and that’s a promise.. Jane’s P.O.V


The next morning i woke at 7am, making sure I didn’t wake Jack up, I tipped toe to the restroom to take a shower. After i showered, i crept back into the room and saw the Jack was still sleeping. Should I wake him up?


I slowly made my way to his side of the bed and gently shake Jack’s arm. “Jack wake up” I whispered, he groaned and turned to the other side. “Let me sleep mom” he mumbled.


A smile spread across my face, he looked so cute and peacefully. I tried to wake him up again, but it didn’t work, so I made my way out of the room towards the lobby.


“Jane!” I heard Bryce calling my name. I turned around and saw her wearing her


blue bathing suit and blue hat.


I waved and walked up to her.


“Where is everyone?” I asked. She smiled and nodded towards the front desk, Marisa was flirting with the receptionist. A very cute receptionist, if I say so myself.


“Is she flirting with the receptionist?” I asked shaking my head. “How did you guess?”


We laughed and saw Joe and Chloe coming towards us. Joe showing his cute smile stood next to me and gave me a squeeze.


“Where is Jack?” he asked in a playful tone…here it comes again.


“Sleeping” I answer casually not meeting his eyes.


“What did you guys do last night to make him all tired?” he asked trying to hold a laugh.


I playfully hit his shoulder shaking my head. “We were tired, I tried to wake him up, but it didn’t work” He laughed and nodded.


“Sure hunny” I gaped and turned around to see Marisa coming towards us with a huge smiled plastered on her face.


“Jane…any details about last night?” she asked with a cocky tone.


“Oh, give her a break and stop teasing her…both of you” Bryce intervene pointing at both Joe and Marisa. They both shacked their heads and laughed.


“We were just playing” Joe said. Marisa grabbed his hand and they both walked away.


“Hey, where are you guys going?” Chloe asked.


“We’re going to the beach, are you guys coming?” Marisa asked.



“Wait, aren’t we going to wait for Jack?” I asked. They looked at me and shacked their heads. “Nope…you can stay here and wait for your boyfriend” Joe said smiling.


I sighed. “Fine, we’ll meet you guys at the restaurant near the beach” I said and headed towards the front desk.


“Hi, how may I help you” the receptionist asked.


“Can I use your phone?”


“Sure” He said handing me the phone. “Just press the room number you’re calling and it should dial up quickly”


I nodded and dial the room number that Jack and I were staying. 215. After the second ring, Jack answered the phone. “Hello?” “Jack?”


“Jane…is that you?”


“Yeah, sorry for not waiting for you, I tried to wake you up, but it didn’t work”


“I’m sorry, I’m a heavier sleeper…where are you?”


“Front Lobby, we’re going to have breakfast near the beach, why don’t you come down so we can go”


“Sure, I’ll be there in a sec” he said and hung up.


I gave the phone back to the receptionist and thanked him..


After what a few minutes I saw Jack coming towards me wearing a light blue shirt,


white shorts and brown sandals.


“Good morning” I said smiling.


“Good morning” he said giving me a peck on the lips.


“So, should we go now?” he asked. I nodded as he bragged my hand and headed towards the restaurant.




At the restaurant we saw Joe sitting next to Marisa and Bryce sitting next to Chloe. They were laughing and joking, but as soon as they saw us coming they turned to see us and smiled, like if nothing was happening. I wonder what they were talking about.


“Good morning Jack” Both Chloe and Bryce said, Jack nodded at them.


“Good morning Jack…how was your night?” Joe asked, trying not to laugh.


“It was good thank you” Jack said, then realized what they were talking about and started to blush.


Everyone laughed which made me and Jack start to heat up.


“We were just teasing you guys… come and sit; we have a long day ahead of us” Marisa said turning back to Joe.


I let out a sigh and relaxed while Jack took a sit next to Bryce.


“What are you guys ordering?” I asked.


“We all got a hamburger and french fries” Chloe replied. I nodded and order the same thing so did Jack.


“What do we have plan for today?” Joe asked, while drinking his apple juice. “We’re going shopping first, then spend some type at the beach” Marisa answered. I could see that something was bothering Jack, he looked distant and confused. “Are you okay?” I whispered. He nodded giving me a smile before going back to eating his hamburger.


We all started talking about different things, shoes, family, and what we would like to do when we go to college.


I took a bite of hamburger and started to feel pain in my abdomen. At first it was nothing, but then it hit me really heard, that I started to cry. “Jane are you okay?” Jack asked sounding scared.


“No…my stomach hurts” I said through sobbing. Everyone looked at me and started to ask if I was okay. I couldn’t handle the pain; I stood up and immediately fall to the ground.


“Jane!” Jack rushed to my side and told Marisa to call for an ambulance.


I immediately hold his hand. “No, please…I don’t want to see the doctor, take me to the room instead.”


“No, we’re taking you to the hospital” Marisa said sounding alarmed and scared. “No, please” they both looked at me for a moment and nodded. Jack took me in his arms and carried me back to the room.


“I just need to sleep, I’ll be fine” I said and lay down on the bed.


“Do you want me to stay with you?” Jack asked holding my hand. I could see pain in his eyes for a moment.


“No, please go, I’ll be fine” He nodded and left with Marisa just before closing the curtains.


I took deep breaths and closed my eyes. The pain came back after a few minutes, I felt like if something was sucking the life out of me.


I tried to move, but couldn’t. I immediately fell asleep, forgetting about the pain.




I felt myself running through the forest…or park. Trees were everywhere; the night was chilly and dark. Clouds were hiding the moon, making the night even darker. I tried to scream for help, but I was alone.


I ran, not knowing where I was going, I just ran.


“Jane” I heard someone whispered my name.



I stopped and looked around. “Who are you?” I shouted still looking around. There was nothing, it was as if the wind itself was whispering my name…calling for me.


“Jane…I…need you” it whispered again.


“What do you want from me?” I asked, not sure if I was going to get an answer or not.


“I…love you” I froze as soon as I recognized the voice’s owner.




“Alexander…is that you?” A huge rush of wind came towards me, enveloping me with its coldness.


“Jane…I need you” his voice was fading away, I tried to look for him, but it was his voice that I was able to here.


“Where are you?” I asked.


“I’m in New…” and that’s when his voice faded and I wasn’t able to hear him anymore.


I shouted his name and ran through the trees looking around, but I couldn’t find him. My heart was telling me that something was wrong, and then I felt it.


The mist started to follow me, I ran and ran, but the pain in my stomach came back and that’s when everything went blank.




I woke up gasping for air, I looked around me and I was still in my room.


Something is not right…


I knew Alexander was far away, but I also knew that Alexander was in danger.


I got my laptop out and started to look up states that start with “New”. Maybe this was stupid, but I knew that Alexander wasn’t far away. All I needed to do is find where he is…








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