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My first true love


Chapter 27


I didn’t know what was worse – me leaving the love of my life or going back to my family…and going back to see Jack.


Derek left a couple of minutes ago; he said ‘he was going to pack’. Pain


That’s what I was feeling right now, Alexander’s words pierced my skin and with that he shattered my heart into pieces.


“Is this what you want?” I asked between sobs. He face didn’t show any expression, it was as if he was fighting what he was feeling.


“Yes” he said getting up. I looked away fighting my feelings, trying to control them, but I couldn’t. I grabbed a pillow and hold it tightly to my chest and started crying more.


How can he be so cruel?


How can he play with my feelings and leave me again?


Anger mixed with my sadness. I pushed the pillow away and ran back to my room…


I enter the bathroom and locked the door behind me.


All this time…everything that happened to us yesterday night was a mistake.


He was leaving me again, after he promised me that he wasn’t going to anymore. Liar


After a few more minutes I got out of the bathroom. My face was flushed red from crying.



A knock on the door startled me, I let out a sigh of relief when I saw Derek coming in.


“Are you ready to go?” he asked holding a small bag on his hand.


I wasn’t going to question him or anything so I just nodded.


“Good, let’s go” As we headed outside the cabin. I stopped to take a look at it for the last time.


My head whipped up as I heard the front door open with a sad looking Alexander coming out.


My heart sent a dull ache around my body. I wanted to run to him and held him in my arms, but I knew that my mind and heart were playing games with me. My heart ached for his love and body for his touch.


The energy around us got thick; it was as if something was pulling us together. But I contained myself and turned to the car.


The door was already open and Derek was already inside waiting for me.


“Jane” Alexander said softly.


“I had to do this” he choked.


“Why?” I challenged him, turning to face him.


He looked startled by my reacting.


Why did he expect?


“I…I need to protect you” he said calmly.


Protect me?


A bolt of anger started to form in my heart, there was no way in hell that I’ll ever forgive him again.


He left me once and now this…


“Please forgive me” he whispered, avoiding eye contact.


“I don’t know Alexander…you hurt me once and now this…I don’t know if my heart will ever be complete again” I replied coldly.


Turning my back to him, I began to make my way back to the car. I stopped as soon as I saw what I still had on my finger. The ring he gave me last night.


I closed my eyes gently and took a deep breath while caressing the ring…


The ring that symbolized our love and his promise to me, but it didn’t matter now because he broke my heart and his promise.


Without any more thoughts haunting me I took the ring off my finger and trow it at his face.


He stepped back quickly before realizing what had just happened.



I got in the car and slammed the door shut. I turned to see Alexander looking at the ring with a pain expression on his face, but it didn’t matter now because I was going back home.


The trip to the airport was agonizing, I felt like a part of me was missing. I hold onto my tears, I didn’t want Derek to see me crying.


He looked straight ahead and didn’t ask any questions the whole trip.


As soon as we got to the airport, I felt a different pulled in my heart; it was as if something wanted me to stay.


As I enter the airport, I knew that this was it…I was no longer going to see Alexander.


I turned to see Derek. “Are you going to take me home or this is it for you?” I asked harshly.


He flinched but then quickly composed himself. “This would be it…I’ll be taking another flight” he said while pointing at the other side of the terminal. I nodded. “Ok”


“Here” he said handing me my ticket.


I nervously took it and nodded.


“He is doing this to protect you Jane. He didn’t want this, but he needs to end this” I rolled by eyes. “How do you expect me to feel? He promised me that we were going to be together and now this” I turned away holding back tears.


“He was going to leave everything for you Jane. He was going to go back home with you, but he couldn’t” he confessed.


I gaze at his eyes and saw that he was telling the truth. “Really? Then…why he didn’t?”


“I can’t tell you” he said.


“Then why are you telling me all of this?” I asked in confusion. My head was telling me to follow my heart…it was enough to say good-bye to Alexander and now this.


“He is my friend and I know that he loves you. He gave you the ring for a reason and he vowed to protect you with his life if possible”


Those words were what I needed in my heart, but the word leaving wasn’t something that I wanted to hear right now.


But then again, it was making me feel guilty for throwing the ring at Alexander’s face…


“Here, he wanted you to have this” he said handing me the most beautiful blue flower I’ve ever seen and a note.


I took the small flower and the note.



A smile spread across my lips. As I open the note I felt a giddy sensation in my stomach.


Don’t forget me


Yours Truly,




“He really does love me isn’t he?” Derek nodded giving me a small smile. “He wanted you to have the “forget-me-not” flower, it symbolizes…” “True love” I whispered.


He nodded.


“I don’t want him to leave me…I can’t let him go” I said with determination within my tone.


He can’t leave me and I will certainly won’t let him go.


For a moment Derek looked confused then nervous. “Is something wrong?” I asked while reaching out to touch his shoulder. He quickly grabbed my hand and guided me to a small table far away from anyone to hear us.


I stumbled a little as he stopped walking. “Listen to me Jane and listen to me very


clear. There is going to be a major war, we’re not sure if the hunters are


outnumbering us or not, but here is the deal. Since Alexander’s family is quiet


powerful they need to be there…they need to fight next to the Royals. You can say


that they are practically family.But my point is that, if you really love Alexander


and would do anything to be with him…take my ticket and go after him” he said


handing me his ticket.


I gulped. This is so not what I expected.


Am I even brave enough to go to Alexander’s home…home filled with vampires? But isn’t this what I wanted all along, to be with him and see where he came from. ‘But you wanted him to stay with you’ there we go with conscious now speaking to me.


I mentally groaned. ‘Yes, I wanted him to be here. I wanted him to with me all along’


‘Then what are you waiting for? An invitation? You got what you wanted and now Derek is giving you his ticket for you to follow the love of your life’


‘You’re right…I’m going to do this, I can do this right?’ ‘Anything is possible when you’re in love’


I almost laugh at that thought. I regain my thought back again and saw Derek looking at me as if he wanted me to say something.


I pressed my lips tight and nodded. “Ok, you’re right; I need to go find him”



I rose up and so did he. “He is on his way back to the Netherlands; the King will meet him there along with other members of the clan. I recommend you to stay away from his house for a few days, it might get crowded with vampires. You can stay at a hotel for a few days, then I’ll come to you and bring you to Alexander” he said.


I have to say, something about him sounded wrong, there was this smile that he was giving me as if he knew that I was going to go after Alexander.


“Don’t worry about anything, I got it all covered. You’re going to stay at the Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam. The hotel belongs to Alexander’s family, although my family is not as rich as his, we are very prestigious guests. Everything will be okay Jane, trust me”


There was that feeling again, when he said ‘trust me’ it sounded weird. Maybe I’m just imagining things.


“How did you know I was going to accept your offer?” I asked cautiously. He smiled. “One does crazy things when they’re in love”


“Have you been in love Derek?” He stiffened and looked uncomfortable.


“I have, but that’s not the case right now. You have a plain to catch and a long trip to go” he said and started pulling me to the gate.


I saw a couple of girls eyeing Derek as we walked and giving dirty looks. I ignored them and kept walking.


“Remember Jane, don’t tell anyone that you’re there or the hunters will go after you” he warned.


I nodded as we stopped in front of a door, a couple of people were now getting on the plain while a lady dressed in a dark blue suit and black pumps checked their tickets.


“This is it then” I said.


“Yeah…here” he said handing me a wallet. “Just money so you can go out and explore the town, but I just remember to not do anything stupid as go to Alexander’s place” he said with a warning tone. “I get it, nothing stupid” I reassured him.


He gave me a hug and waved good-bye. As soon as I got in front of the lady she gave me polite smile.


“Your ticket please” she said. I gave her my ticket, she checked it and smiled. “You may enter” she said giving me back my ticket. I took a deep breath and got on the plane.


There was definitely something weird about this, but I knew that in a few hours I was going to be in another world. Alexander’s world.


I sat next the window and smiled.


“Ladies and Gentleman we’re ready to take off. Please remain in your seats and enjoy your flight to Amsterdam, thank you”


I inhaled deeply and close my eyes. This is going to be a long trip…






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