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Clint: is it hurting?

Me: yeah

I rubbed my feet which were hurting me

I haven’t worn heels for more than two hours and I wore it today for up to seven hours

My feet is killing me

He bent down and took my foot in his palms and began to rub slowly while looking at my face

Clint: is that better?

Me: yeah

He smiled and stood up

Moved the shoes aside and carried me up

Me: hey, be careful with me

Clint: are you pregnant?

I laid my head on his chest

Me: yes, and it’s a boy

He chuckled and moved me to his room

He dropped me gently on the bed

Clint: no, I want it to be a girl. So I can see two pretty faces everyday

I laughed

He removed my hair clips and bands and kept them on his desk

He then drew my zipper down

Me: I can do it myself

I tried to stand but he pulled me back and pulled my dress down

Clint: I wanna do it today

He gave me a cute smile and I melted

He removed my dress and I was left in my panty hose and inner vest

Clint: you look s£xy

He brushed his hands on my thighs and kissed me

I smiled and stood up but my feet were really sore

Me: ouch, my feet

I quickly Sat back on the bed

He laughed and rubbed balm on it then massaged gently

Clint: you’re hungry?

Me: I’ve had enough to eat and drink already. So I’m still full

Clint: let’s eat some snacks together. Popcorn

He left my feet and I laid down and cuddle a pillow

Me: I don’t wanna leave the bed

Clint: then I’ll bring the popcorn here

He left the room and I quietly removed my bra but was still wearing the vest.

I laid well and tucked away in the blanket

He came back with the popcorn and dropped the bowl on the bed

He removed his shirt and trousers

But left a black shorts on

He climbed the bed and brought the popcorn

I moved to him and his hand encircled me and we cuddled up

We began to eat slowly without talking

Then I noticed something

Me: baby, there’s no tattoo anymore

Clint: yeah, erased it

I kissed his cheek and he chuckled

Me: you look better this way

I stopped eating and hugged his body tight

Clint: want me to kiss you?

I nodded and he lifted my face

He gently placed his lips on mine and dropped the bowl on the bedside table

He carried me up to stay on him as he rubbed my waist

I began to kiss his neck and he chuckled

Then he laid me down and began to kiss my own neck

I was getting dreamy already

Then he stopped

Clint: you should rest. Good night baby

Me: where are you going?

He got down from the bed with the bowl

Clint: I need to watch a late night movie

I sighed and hugged a pillow

Me: okay, I love you

He walked around the bed to my side and kissed my cheek

Clint: I love you too sweetheart

He left and I closed my eyes and speedily slept off cause I was half asleep


Jace: this world is so big and beautiful

He was watching the view from the balcony

Me: I wish we could stay here but the ocean is far more peaceful

He turned round and hugged me

Jace: have I kissed you before?

I chuckled and buried my face in his chest

He lifted it up again

Jace: why don’t we make our love story a different one.

Me: how?

Jace: you know how it happens in the ocean, if I marry you and you lay an egg, I’ll fertilize it and then the baby comes out as half human

I nodded

Jace : let’s make it different

Me: tell me how

Jace: let’s make it like the humans. Theirs is more intimate

Me: what do you even know about humans?

Jace: come on I read lots of things in ma’am Shell’s library after you both left

And the guys were talking about love and care

Me: well, humans show more love towards spouses then merbeings

He smiled and stroke my hair gently

Then he lowered his face and kissed me

I gasped

Dream come true

Jace: I’m going to be the next Neptune of Neptune City.

Me: I’m really happy for you

Jace: then you’ll be my Queen

I chuckled and hugged him

I never thought this could actually happen

When I was crushing really hard on him years back, I didn’t even know he’ll talk to me or even know I exist

But now he wants me to be his wife

So awesome


Gabriel: I hate long distance relationship

He handed me a cotton candy

We were in the park together

Just two days after the wedding

Me: so you want to come back to Scotland?

Gabriel: no, but I want you to come with me to Brazil

I gasped

Me: what…

Gabe: is it that bad?

Me: no…no…no, I haven’t gone to Brazil before. That’s why

Gabe: then come with me. There’s something you’ll be able to do. And you can also attend college

Me: you want me to attend college?

Gabe : yeah, you have to

I sighed

Maybe I’ll get money from my friends and go to college

Blue and Adrian are enough to sponsor me

I can even sponsor myself but it will be hard

Gabriel : don’t worry, I’m sponsoring you

My eyes widened

Me: whaaat

Gabe: I’ll take care of you in college

I screamed and my cotton candy fell off

I hugged him tight and he was happy too

He kissed me and someone suddenly started taking pictures

He smiled

And some girls were pointing at him and screaming

Then they also started taking pictures

At first I wondered if it was because we kissed publicly

Then I remembered that he was a top model

And if I was in their shoes, I’ll even scream more and even run and hug him

Gabe: baby, we better go. And get ready, you’re already on the internet

Me: huh

Our phones beeped

I checked it and I was seriously on the internet

# hot_model_kisses_cute_girl_at_the_park

I gasped

He pulled me up and we ran into the car

We began to laugh

He started the car and drove off


Me: just two more years to get out of college

Cadio : you’re already wishing you were out right?

He rubbed my waist and nibbled on my ear

I was actually sitting on his legs

Me: I’m better than you.

Cadio : in what way? I’m already done with college if you don’t know

Me: shut up

Cadio : hey

Me: what

Cadio : let’s make a baby

I hit him on his lap

Me: you’re crazy

He laughed and carried me up

Cadio : what’s your ring size?

Me: ring size?

Cadio : yeah… Or don’t worry, I’ll get it myself

Then he carried me to the pool


I got a call from Derek asking me to come to his house

I got dressed and went there

I saw him drinking wine as usual

Me: what’s with you and wine?

He laughed and carried me up

Then made me sit on the high table

He gave me a glass of wine and I took it

Derek: I missed you

He pecked my tummy

And I hug his head to my tummy

Me: missed you too baby

Derek: this is a new wine I bought, do you like it

I tasted it

Me: nice

He drank his and I wanted to gulp down mine but I saw something in it

Me: there’s something in my drink

He chuckled

I checked closely and it was shining

He brought a glass and poured it down then gave me the glass back with a diamond ring in it

Derek: will you marry me?

I gasped and covered my mouth

Me: Derek

He removed the ring and took my hand

Derek: please say yes, I want you to know how serious I am about you. I’m done being a player, I wanna settle down with you Lydia. Please marry me and make my life complete

My tears failed me

Me: yes.. Yes.. Please

He smiled and slid the ring into my finger

He carried me down and hugged me tightly

Derek: I love you so much

Me: I love you too. I really love you

I began to cry on his shoulder

It’s both tears of joy and sadness

I’m an orphan

Grew up in an orphanage

I then lived with my step sister in Italy

I came back to Scotland because my sister got transferred here

Her work is too ship in clothes

We’re about the same age but we had a misunderstanding and she cut all ties with me

I felt deserted and depressed so I decided to go back to Italy and find something to do

That was when I saw Derek

And now he wants me to marry him

I’m so happy

But I’m sad because none of my parents would be at that wedding

Two months later


We just got back from London

We had to attend a royal banquet hall of fame and fortune

It’s something that has to do with rank and all that

It was two nights and I felt ill the second night

I didn’t Alert Adrian though

We’re already back and I went straight to the chamber in the royal quarters

We relocated from downstairs

This chamber was bigger and everything was white and gold

Only our bedroom was blue

The maids accompanied me to the door and went back

Adrian really loves privacy and no other party is allowed in our chamber except when called

I hurriedly took a shower and got out

He was already in the room

Adrian : you don’t look so good honey Are you okay?

He hugged me and kissed my wet body randomly

I held unto him because I was really dizzy

Me: I… I… Don’t feel so good

Then my eyes began to close

I slowly lost consciousness

I woke up later on the bed with a drip down my arm

And my prince was lying beside me

I looked at him, he was with his iPad

Me : baby

He looked at me

Adrian : my Queen

He kissed me

Me: did I faint?

Adrian : yeah, it’s a good fainting

Me: huh

He smiled brightly

Then began to kiss my tummy

Adrian: we’re gonna be three soon

Me: wait…. I’m I?

Adrian : you’re, you’re two months pregnant honey






To be continued

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