Thu. Feb 15th, 2024

Kyla’s POV


I refused to reply and continued eating my food, he keep mute and continued eating too without bordering to ask why I didn’t reply


After we were done eating , he cleaned his mouth with his napkin and stared directly into my face. I did not have much courage to stare into his face so I faced the table like I was watching something there


“Look into my face Kyla” He said and my heart tingles in horror


Everything happening to me is overwhelming right now and I wish it was a dream.


I raised my head and looked into his face


“Even though you broke up with me at Washington DC then, It’s painful though but I never stopped loving you ” Dante said


True, Washington DC was where our houses were located. But this isn’t Rafael


“Please say something” He requested and I just didn’t know what to say


“I do not know what to say” I said




“Why?” He requested


“I still didn’t recognize your face, I’m sorry. ” I said


“You never lived in Washington DC? ” He asked


“Of course I do” I replied


“And your dad isn’t a cop?” He asked


“Of course he is but…” I replied and paused


“And you told me several times that you like basketball and that you will like to be like the stars of basketball in the future ” He said and my face dropped in surprise



“I’m sorry Dante, did you change your face, cus this isn’t the face I use to know ” I said hoping that he will clear my confusion


“Sorry! Change my face for what? Is that possible? Why would I. I’m just surprised that you didn’t recognize me or you perhaps had some accident in the past that result to memory loss “He replied




” Never , I’m hale and hearty. I have never had an accident not to talk of memory loss. I still recognize my first love and his face doesn’t look like yours” I said boldly


He bowed his head for few seconds and by the time he raised it, his face had become puffy and red , tears could easily be seen parading his eyes and it’s obvious that he’s tryna fight tears from falling his eyes


He tried to speak but words fail him, his mouth was opened ajar and his eyes were strained as his face maintains an expression of sadness


“You recognize your first love if you see him but you did not recognize me” He said pronouncing the words one after the other and the tears finally poured on his face


I couldn’t stand his tears so I quickly stood and turned at him. I walked away from the cafeteria leaving him there


Did something went wrong with me truly at a point in my life? Of course not . I’m not dumb

I remember my past crystal clear. Nothing is wrong with me, just that there is a puzzle I need to solve


I was almost getting to my class when I saw Rafael discussing with a lady


Damn it! This is the Rafael I know, same face, same standing position.


I watched him as he smiled.


Same smiling face too, my days! He has not even changed. He’s as cute as ever and his deep blue eyes are just perfect, his dark curly hair are driving me crazy here and I feel like placing my hands on his gentle lips


But hopelessness parades my soul and sadness abode in my heart when It dawn upon me that he didn’t even recognize me.


And this girl he’s discussing with makes me feel so jealous, I wanna send the girl away and replace her position


How beautiful will it be for me standing and conversing romantically with the hottest boy in school


I walked closer to them and pushed the girl away from Rafael

“Rafael , it’s me , your first love. Have you forgotten me so soon, at Washington DC, we use to play together at my backyard and you piggy back me often too , did you remember , you promise to kiss me in the future , this is the future , this is me Kyla your first love, please remember ” I said and cried


He raised his hand and slapped me. I fell to the ground and more tears poured down my eyes


He walked away from me


I blinked my eye all of a sudden

Damn it! That’s a terrible imagination , he might not even slap me if I interrupt his beautiful moment with that girl, he might kick me too. I dare not go before him , not even after how he embarrassed me publicly before the crowd some hours ago, he might end up doing something worse now


I took my face off them and entered my class sullenly and sadly


I sat in my place and bowed my head. Many sweet memories of Rafael and I played in my mind and I can’t just fathom a single reason behind why he didn’t recognize me





What if he has fallen in love with another girl before he finally recognize me ????

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