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I felt like arranging some of my baby things myself, though Prince Adrian plainly told me not to do anything like that

But I’m stubborn

He’s out for a meeting with the board of trustees in one of his companies in Glasgow

I moved to the room opposite our room

It was our nursery

The planners tried in the decorations and the color

Of course blue

My baby is actually a girl according to the scan

I’m eight months pregnant already

And mother has always been at my beck and call

I got to the craddle and Audrey called me


yes ma’am

did Cindy tell you anything


Gabe is no longer her boyfriend

I felt my heart stop beating because I know how Cindy is so deep in love with Gabriel

but… Why… What did she do?

she made him fall deeply in love that he couldn’t come out

what… I don’t understand

he’s no longer her boyfriend because he is now her fiancee

I shouted

oh my gosh, he popped the big question?

yes, Cindy is going to be married soon

OMG, I’m so happy. Gosh

I’m the only one left

I’m sure Clint has plans

I’m just waiting for the big day

hahahaha, please come and visit me soon. I’m always lonely when he’s not around

how can the whole princess of the Prince be bored and lonely? I’ll be there today, don’t worry

thank goodness. I love you

sshhh, don’t say that. Prince Adrian is the rightful owner of those words

haha, okay we’ll see about that

I’ll be there soon, bye Blue


She hung up and I smiled

I walked to the wall and placed a big sticker with my baby’s name on it

Princess Ciara


I felt a striking pain in my lower abdomen and stood up

I checked the time and it was 4am.

I looked beside me, Prince Adrian was fast asleep

I laid down again and closed my eyes

I felt another sharp pain that made me scream a little

Then the pain began to persist

I screamed and Adrian woke up

Adrian : honey, are you alright?

I was shivering and screaming even more

I felt excruciating pain

He jerked off and held my hand

Me: the baby… the baby’s… coming

Adrian : hold on baby.. Hold on

He quickly dialed the ambulance and called on to some guards

My mother came in and assisted me up

They both helped me to walk to the entrance and opened the door

The guards came in and carried me

Adrian ran with them and they placed me on a stretcher

They wheeled me as fast as they could and we used the elevator

I soon entered into the ambulance and Adrian went to get his car

I was really in pain

I never knew Labour was this killing

We got to the hospital and I was wheeled to the labour room

The nurses came to attend to me and the exercise started

Adrian rushed in wearing their apparatus

He held my hand and encouraged me to be strong

Truth be told

If he didn’t come in, I wouldn’t have gotten the zeal to do it

But when I saw him, I knew he’d be happy if we have our baby

And I love it when he’s happy

So I decided to make him happy

I closed my eyes and gave a very long and strong push with all the energy left in me

Then my baby came out

All the nurses cheered

I was breathing really heavily

Adrian kissed my hand and laughed with joy

I could see complete love and gladness in his eyes

If love could boil water, then he would make all the seven oceans reach a 100°C (100 degree Celsius)

Adrian : I love you, I love you so much

He kissed my forehead

I was wheeled away from the room to another

Then they aided me to a hot bath

I wore the hospital gown and laid on my bed feeling reduced

I smiled as I touched my once protruded tummy

The door opened and mother walked in

Mother : my Blue…

I smiled

Me: I’m so happy mother

Mother: I’m much more happier. My granddaughter is a pearl

Adrian then walked in

Adrian : Blue..

He was all ?smiles

He walked to me and kissed my cheek

Adrian : I love you

Me: I love you too

Mother: I’ll go and see my granddaughter. She’ll be brought here soon

I nodded and she left

Adrian : she has a birthmark on her feet. It looks like a whale

Me: haha, she’s going to be a whale master

He smiled

Adrian : I hope it’s not killer whales?

I laughed

Me: it’s any type of whale. She’s really special because animal birthmarks are rare

Adrian : of course she’s special, like her mother

He kissed my neck and then my lips

She’s so cute and cuddly

Has brown hair like her me

And blue eyes too

Unlike me, she’s very stubborn and loves trying out anything she can

She’s just three years old yet she’s as intellectual as a teenager

Ciara : mummy, we’re getting late for Blue’s Day. You know how much I hate being late to places of importance

I sighed

Me: the festival starts by sundown Ciara

Ciara : well what time is it?

I checked the time, it was 5pm

Me: okay, we’ll go now

She squealed and ran to her room

She came back with a big blue bag

Adrian walked in

Adrian : Ciara, why are you dragging that big bag?

I chuckled and went to help her with it

Ciara: daddy, it’s my cameras and picture book. I wanna take pictures and paint the ocean. Also, the things I might need. My teddy, my blankie, some stickers and some gifts for my friends

Adrian gasped and I laughed

Adrian : sweetie, you’re going underwater, not to a fancy beach party

Ciara : dad, I’m not dumb. I know I’m going underwater, this isn’t my first time going

Me: but this is definitely your first time going with a big bag

Ciara: precisely

Adrian laughed and bent down and she walked into his arms

She kissed his cheek and I chuckled

What a girl?

Mother said she’s like this because she’s two in one

She has the ocean gene and the human gene

Also my traits

And Adrian’s trait

Ciara : mum, I hope auntie C is coming?

Me: auntie C is expecting a baby, she can’t come

Ciara : how about auntie A?

Adrian : Clint will have to release her

He stood up and walked to the room

Me: he already did. So she’s coming here first

Ciara : great, quick mum get dressed. Let’s go

I chuckled as she bounced on the cushion and took the remote control

I went inside and he was totally unclad

Me: wear something, I don’t want Ciara to start asking questions about that

He chuckled and carried a towel

Adrian : hey

Me: what

Adrian : come

I looked at him

Whenever he says “come”, he wants something

Me: no way, Ciara is going to start banging at the door

He walked to me but I moved back

Adrian : she’s three years, she needs a brother

He was still moving to me and I was moving back

Me: we’ll get her a brother soon but not today

Adrian : we better do it today or you’ll starve me

He grabbed me and turned me around

I screamed then chuckled

He began to undress me

Me: Adrian…. Adrian…

He began to kiss my ear as his hand traced my bare tummy upwards

I gasped as he turned me around and carried me

We reached the bed and he was about to pull down my skirt when Ciara began to knock really hard on the door

Ciara : mummy…. Daddy… You’re wasting my time…

She was knocking really hard

Me: I told you

He left me and went to the door

Before she appears in the room by herself magically

I decided not to teach her how to do it yet but that girl mysteriously learnt it herself.

I moved to the bathroom and showered

When I got out, he was already dressed

I laughed at him because he couldn’t have his way

He smiled and grabbed me

Me: just leave me

My towel fell and he laughed

Adrian : just a quickie baby

I chuckled as he carried me to the bed


I really want to play with the whales but mum won’t let me

She won’t let me come out of the castle at all

I don’t know what she did but whenever I want to appear outside, I get an electric shock

Grandma came to visit so I decided to go and beg her to take me out

I overheard her and mum talking about pregnancy test

I wonder if she’s pregnant

I’m already four years and I want a baby brother

I hope I’m getting one soon

I gently walked in

Grandma : my little cutie

She hugged me and Blue smiled

Me: I miss you grandma

Grandma : I miss you too sweet. Let’s go outside and play

We walked out and I simply told her to take me to the ocean

She chuckled and carried me up then we appeared beside the ocean

I hugged her tight

Me: thank you


I’m so happy

Can’t wait for Adrian to come back

We’re expecting a baby again

He’s going to be so happy

I stood up and checked the mirror

I’m still pretty

I’ve been declared the most beautiful married princess in the world

So privileged

My life has changed so much

All because I began to work in a castle as a maid

The same castle where I’m now the second woman of authority

What if I refused to work here?

What if I ran away when I decided to avoid the Prince?

Then I’d probably be a waitress somewhere

I wiped my tears

The door opened and my prince walked in

He saw me crying

I hugged him and he looked very worried

Me: we’re expecting a baby already

He gasped and I smiled

He smiled brightly and hugged me tighter

Me: I love you

Adrian : I love you too sweetheart. I’m glad I met you, I’m glad you’re my wife. You’ve made my life so complete

My tears soaked his shirt

I was really in love with this Prince

And I’ll love him forever

Adrian : Blue Maid

I chuckled and looked up

Adrian : my Blue Maid, I love you

I wanted to reply but he began to kiss me and carried me to the bed

Seems he wants the baby to become twins

My life is perfect





The End

Glory Be To God


Share this last chapter

And Tell me what you learned from the story so far

Mine is

Never think it’s over because things are going bad for you

Because the only way gold can become useful, is when it passes through fire

You and I are gold

And we’re being refined.

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  1. So lovely the story was really awesome and i learnt a lesson that it is not every thing that come at once but if today is the day of sadness but tomorrow will be a day of happiness and rejoicement well GOd bless the author and More wisdom and knowledge to write more interesting stories like bluemaid

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