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chapter 7






I laid on my queen size bed cuddling my teddy bear thinking of the crazy romance have had last night.



I never wanted to say that to davis but I just had to, ion want him start having the feeling that skyler gray the youngest billionaire.. I just have to push him away.


I won’t deny the fact that my body still ache for his touch, I still want his massive c**k inside me.


He made me feel like a woman, haven’t had anything as sweet as what Davis did to me.


But no it has to stop I need to kill whatever feeling am developing for him, Moreover he is my employee.


I can’t f*ck my personal assistant that’s gonna be low of me.


I still have lots of hickeys on my neck tho, am wear a turtle neck dress so nobody will see em.


He will be resuming work tomorrow, I pray ion end up biting his ear lope





Ice queen thinks everything is over right, but it isn’t.


Haven’t crave for any of my whores like am doing right now.


All I know is she is special to me,


Am having the strange feeling but ion know what is it I feel for her,. Is it mere infatuation??


No I doubt now she wants to sideline me


Never gonna happen babe , I know I still had an effect on your body. You can’t make me wanna bend you over and f**k You, then later say its a mistake.


Skyler gray watch out baby girl, am gonna go down with you again at all cost.


I dragged my self lazily to the kitchen and decided on beacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast today..


In no time I was done eating,. I sat down at living room playing PS 4.


When a random knock made me loose the level I was playing “Argh ” growled Am gonna kill whosoever Is at my door.


Walked hastily to the door and opened it, I was about saying trash thinking its


james but no its no other person than Clarissa,a girl I enjoy f**king but she isn’t as


hot as sky on bed.


“Clarissa? Its you” I said


“Huh yeah babe were you expecting someone else? “She asked with folded arms “No never mind I thought it was james, come in Clarke” I said leading her to the living room.


I just hope she didn’t come to f**k cause am not gonna f*ck again “Davis have Missed you so much ” she said trailing kisses on my face


i just rolled my eyes and tried pushing her of but carie did the unexpected by attacking my weak point, which is at the back of my ear down to my neck, a moan escaped my moan. she successfully turned me on, now am gonna cripple her with my beast.


I grabbed her boobs aggressively and started squeezing she left my ear lopes and started kissing me, with both our tongues trying to gain dominance,. I broke the kiss and went for her boobs.


Sucking it as she moan with her head moved back.


I made her seat on couch before ripping her crop top she gasps , don’t blame me tho, I love it that way.


I dragged her short skirt down to her foot. I took one of her toes and kissed it,


I trailed kisses to her lap then made her spread her legs for me to gain entrance.



I touched her pantie and smiled, she was really wet let me tease her a bit.


I kept rubbing her p***y from the pant making moan even more I shifted her pants to a corner and inserted my finger into her honey pot and started finger f***king her, from her moan I knew she was enjoying every bit of it .


I increased the pace making her scream out loud.


It was time to the main game, I grip both edges of her lacy pants with one swift movement I ripped it off. And dropped it somewhere.


I stood up quietly and removed that bra hiding those beautiful b***bs from me.


I was wearing only shorts I kicked it off aggressively and dumped on the floor.


“Beg me to f**k you bitch ” I commanded.


“Please f**k me harder davis” she said in pleasure. That’s what I wanted to hear before I reck her p****y.



I knelt down before her I grabbed hold of her long legs and inserted my beast into her honey pot.



I started thrusting in and out of her fast, like a cheetah


outta her making her scream in ecstacy


“On your fours bitch” I said In a husky voice.


She obe

I was f**king the hell



yed immediately I inserted my beast into her *ss hole and started giving her the f**k of her life.


She kept screaming my name like a crazy slut but ion care.


I removed my d**k and put it back into her p****y and spanked her *ss countless


times making her moan in pleasure.


“Fuck! I groaned and increased my pace,


She cummed continuously.


But am not close to done yet.


I change the position to missionary style and continue thrusting into her with speed like someone on fire.


“Uh erghn yeah f**k me baby ” she moan in a whisper.


I positioned her well with her both legs on my shoulder and started thrusting deep into her till I shifted her womb.


She kept making funny sounds and begging me to stop but no am not stopping yet..


She cummed again making her p****y more juicy.


I carried her on my d**k and sat on the sofa and continue f***king the hell outta her till she started crying begging me to stop.. Thrusting into her aggressively till I reached climax and pushed her to the couch before walking to the bathroom. That will teach her good lesson not to start what you can never end.


I took a nice shower and wore something nice..


I came down stairs shortly only to see Clarissa limping.


i just had to laugh,…


“Clarie what you doing ” I asked curiously.


Instead she just ignored me and limped outta my flat.


Yeah that’s what I wanted I know she is not gonna come back ever again.


I came back to my game,… James later joined me at home we talked about random stuffs before we bid each other good bye.


Leaving me all alone again.






my crazy but erotic romance





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