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My crazy but erotica romance


STORY written By Author Munay Berry




Episode 1





“Grin grin” “Argh” I fell with a thud


Stupid alarm I cursed and stood lazily heading to the bathroom


Gotta prepare for work


Oh sorry I haven’t introduced my self.


Am skyler gray, youngest billionaire around.


At 24


Shock right?


The only daughter among three children of mr Williamson gray, world fifth richest man.


When it comes to looks am hot, beautiful


Every man’s dream girl, I can make your husband or boyfriend bow at my feet with just a wink. But too bad I don’t want any man in my life



They are. All after my money.


Talk about rude, sassy and proud am right there.


Now enough of me for now.


I need a new assistant today,


I fired my assistant yesterday for spilling coffee on my designer shoes will be conducting an interview today Not that I care tho I just need an assistant.


I got into my fancy bathroom and relax into my jacuzzi inhaling the sweet apple scent.


Moments later I was clad in a short white straight gown that stopped just before my knees and a silver stilettos


I walked down the stairs my maids had assemble to greet me which I care less about


“Good morning ma”am they all chorus


But I ignored them and walked straight to the dinning area



My maids already served my breakfast, scrambled eggs and bacon my favorite breakfast tho.


I live alone with just the maids tho.



“Your express coffee ma’am” my chief maid said handing it to me I just took it without looking at it



After eating I catwalked to my Bentley 2018 model before zooming out of my mansion.



davis monteiro


Sweet mother of Madagascar!! Am so late for my interview,


I yanked the blanket off my naked body before running to get dressed.


Am Davis monteiro, an average boy in the cold city of la’s Vegas.


Age 27 am not a rich but am comfortable, I stay alone in my two bedroom flat.


While my family are in seetle city.


I needed to look for a job in order to strive to success.


Talk about looks am smoking hot,


Am the sΒ£xiest man around.


Girls go gaga when they see me,


I have cute small lips like that of a lady and hazel eyes too


Total player, I use and dump birches on daily basis.


Enough information about me,


I hurrily got dressed in a black plain jeans and a white button shirt and some leather shoes.


I had to look my best because I had the CEO of gray industry is mean, rude and doesn’t tolerate untidy ness.


Wouldn’t wanna give a first bad impression about me,


I grabbed breakfast in a hurry, gulp down my latte before running out, I flagged down a cab almost immediately



“Gray industry ” I said to the driver who only nod


Minutes later I was standing infront gray industry admiring the magnificent building


That I didn’t noticed some one was at my front.


I bumped into her,,



my crazy but erotic romance









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