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Chapter 2





“Oh uh”


What have done!! I just wish the earth would open and swallow me up.


“And who is this clumsy fool, how dare you touch me ” she said in terrors while other workers we’re busy whispering to themself


Am down for today.


“I’m so… Sorry ma’am it was an accident ” I stammered


“Accident huh! Hope you not one of my staff cause you fired, how dare y, u low lives, clumsy idiots like you don’t deserve to be or working in company. Now get lost ” she said rudely before walking away.


I was hurt by her words, who the hell does she think she is


I didn’t even know how or when I ran after her and stopped right in front of her.



look here madam CEO or whatever you call your f**king self, you have little or no right to talking to me like that, just because you rich and famous doesn’t mean I show bow down and praise you like a god” I said angrily


Everyone gasps


The look on her face was that of terror but I care less I need to give all of them a piece of my mind.


“You may have all the money and all that stuff but two things you can never get in your life is love and a heart. Ice queen that’s what you are” I said boldly even though deep down and damn scared but I just need to give her a piece of my mind


“How dare you!! Try to insult me in my own company you incompetent fool” she yelled.


“Yeah but this incompetent fool is better than you ice queen ” I said


“Security get this nobody out of company asap and don’t ever let in into my company ever again” she said with fury in her eyes


“No need to call your dogs am leaving already ”


“Ever heard of quitting before starting? Because that’s what am gonna do now.


I QUIT!! ice queen ” I said showing her my middle fingers before walking out.


She just killed my vibe right now


I need a good f**k to calm my nerves





What the hell??


did he just??


No no did he just say that to my face??



I looked around and noticed all my employee were whispering to each other.


“Get to work or you wanna stand there and gossip all through ” I yelled making them scatter like kids.


I stormed off to my office In anger.


Never in my life had anyone dare look me in the face and say shits.


The last person that tried that was shot dead by me talk more of this clumsy fool.


Am gonna deal with him, he is gonna regret ever knowing skyler gray.


Somehow his words really got to me


Am I really a ice queen??


Whatever I dont care what people think of me they are just jealous of my success.


I picked up his files and dial my private investigator’s number, he picked on the second ring.



good day madam he said from the other end i didn’t call for your greetings ” I said rudely sorry ma’am


sorry for your self, I need you to look into Davis monteiro. Want all the details tonight I said


roger that madame ”


. good” I ended the call



Davis monteiro You just messed with the wrong person Am gonna make you bow down to me I promise you.






I got to my flat really pissed, I wanted to f**k so badly so I put a call across to Natasha one of my whores..


Came out of the shower only to see Natasha unclad in my bed waiting for me.


This is just what I was looking for.


she stood up and catwalk towards me


“Davis baby have missed you and your beast “she said seductively grabbing hold my d**k. which my d**k responded to.


I drew her close and crashed my lips on hers hungrily. Fumble and nibbled on it


I left her lips and attacked her cute pointed nipple.


Sucking her boobs while my hand was fondling with the other one.


She moan and tugged on my hair


“Ugh” she moaned out loud.


I lifted her from the ground with her both legs rapped around my torso


Dropped her on the bed while trailing kisses from her neck down to her belly button, made sure I left some hickeys on her need.


“Suck me baby” she whispers sweetly into my ears ” with pleasure bitch”


I trailed kisses all the way to her well shaved pu**y, You know what happened next





my crazy but erotic romance


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