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chapter 31






Love they say is a very beautiful thing when you are with the right person,well I found my own right person in skyler


We were two different people with different personalities but at the end


We became one


“Do you Davis king monteiro take Skyler gray to be your lawfully wedded wife?”, The priest asked



Smiled at the beautiful lady standing in front of me “Yes I do ” I said with a grin.


“And do you Skyler gray take this handsome gentleman as your lovely wedded husband?” The priest asked her.


“I do ” she said not breaking eye contact with me.



“Very well then you may now kiss the bride ” the priest said



I crashed my lips on hers immediately she held onto me tightly as we kissed passionately


“Erm please go get a room” I heard Scarlett said from behind.


Well Scarlett is officially dating my cousin brother Finn the HIGHSCHOOL cutie




“I can’t wait to erm…you know!” I whispered into Skyler’s ear “You such a pervert” she teased and punch my shoulder “Ouch my shoulder you broke my arm” I cried in pretence


“Am so sorry dear where does it hurt” she asked touching me all over.


“It’s hurting down there ” I said pointing towards my manhood stylishly


“Stupid husband” she mumbled




I laid on the bed waiting for my wife to come out from the bathroom she had been in there for a while now



Boom she came out looking smoking hot in those lingerie her baby bump wasn’t showing that much


“You want this” she asked seductively


I nodded like a puppy hungry for bone


“Well come and get it it’s all yours” she said still standing


I raced with speed and sweep her off the floor and placed her on the bed while she giggled like a child


Ready to devour


If you know what I mean



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