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chapter 29





He gasps for air ,as I ran out to get the doctor and nurse


I came back shortly with the doctor but he asked me to wait outside


Which I did ,am so happy he is okay


After a while came out with a big grin on his face


“Doctor how is he now ” i asked curiously


“I don’t know if i should call a miracle but his molecules are normal and he is outta danger,he is resting for now I advise you go home and freshen up you look messes up” he said and walked


Yes!! Yess!!


Thank goodness he is okay ,let me quickly go home and freshen up


Am gonna spoil his face with plenty of kisses and also a dirty slap too for scaring me like that







I regained consciousness but my eyes were still heavy


I couldn’t opened them yet but I had to force them open only for the sharp light shine bright on my eyes making hurt


I shot them back and relaxed for a while before opening then again


My vision was blurry but became clear as I adapt to the bright lights


I looked around me the place was unfamiliar to me,.there was no one in the room


I tried to seat up but I couldn’t ,I felt a sharp pain at my back bone ..


So many wires were connected to my body.


Event of how Kelvin shot me and tried to hurt sky came flashing. The door cracked open revealing my angel she had tears In her eyes “Come here baby” i whisper audibly


She ran into my arms and tried to suffocate the life outta me “Easy kitten I can’t breathe” I murmured


“Sorry guess am just too overwhelming,I thought have lost you for good” she sniffed


“Never am not gonna leave you, even death can’t separate us ” I cooed


She gave me a dirty slap,is this how to welcome someone who just excaped death. “Don’t ever scare me like that again” she said and kissed me deeply I so much miss those lips


We kissed passionately


“I love you baby” i whisper into her ear


“We love you so much” she said




“We??” I asked


She took my hand to her tummy and rubbed it



Hope it’s not what am thinking


“You going to be a father soon Davis” she blurted out


“OMG OMG am gonna be a daddy” I grinned happily


“A m gonna be a father !!!!” I said excitedly





Aww am selling aseobi o for Davis and Skyler



my crazy and erotic romance

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