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chapter 27






“Trust me you shouldn’t have done that sweetie” I said and brought my laptop closer so she can see how I waste her precious daddy


“Take a look at your precious daddy baby” i said mockingly


“Kelvin what’s your problem why are you monitoring my father? Just leave him outta this please” she sobbed


Oh how I enjoyed torturing her


“Sorry sweetie but because of your foolish act your father is gonna pay for it”, I said still holding my phone


“With what is it money you want !?? Just name your price am gonna pay up just leave me and my family alone”, he growled


“Chill out am not done talking yet,he is gonna pay for it right now with his ……life ” I said and boom


The conference room in which mister gray and some other influential men are holding a meeting blow up instantly


“No!!! No!!!! Daddy!!! Kelvin can you be so cruel huh !! Just kill me instead but I swear you gonna regret every bit of what you have done” she yelled out tears as she broke down crying


“Shh don’t cry baby it’s not right for a princess to cry,how about I have a sweet taste of what you have been giving to that fool” i said licking my lips



She raised her head up immediately I could see the look of fear written all over her


“What are you talking about Kelvin” she panicked


“You know exactly what am talking about bitch ” I roared and slapped her hard making her fall on the ground with the chair


She groan in pain but I won’t stop ion feel pity for anyone not even my mom


I called my boys to untie her and hold her firmly


“Please I beg you in the name of God don’t do this ” I cried out loud while my boys keep hitting her


I grabbed hold of both sides of her pants and wanted ripping it when a voice stopped me


“Don’t you dare or you gonna regret every bit of it” he growled with blood shot eyes


As he pointed two guns at me and my boys



You think you can stop me !??” I said moving closer gently not to gain his attention


Skyler limped to his back, the look on his face was intimating but am not gonna give up soon not without a fight.




Seriously Kelvin you just messed with the wrong dude


I fixed my phone back and quickly dialed James number he picked up the phone shortly


James I need the stuff now”, I said not waiting for him to say a word



But why ? You haven’t used it before” he try to said



There is always a first time for everything,bring it to hilltop gate


I will be waiting someone just stepped on my toe” I said in between clenched teeth



Very well then am on my way” he said and hang up..




I got the address Kelvin sent to me,so I decided to go in through the back not after throwing a smoke bomb at the boys outside ,they will fall asleep immediately But it’s temporary


I walked quietly into the warehouse Skyler’s cry filled the place it was as if something had pierced my heart


This got me even more angry am going to blow off that dude’s head.


I got there right on time,he dare tried to do the unforgivable with my sky


I brought our the guns and pointed it at them


“Don’t even dare or you will regret every bit of it” i said with venom running through my vein



You think you can stop??” He laughed is this a joke to him, sky limped to my side I felt hurt seeing her like this.


I got distracted thinking about sky that I didn’t see Kelvin coming,he kicked the gun outta my hands and landed a hard kick on my stomach ,I groaned and staggered backwards


Sky gasps and shifts from my side that’s what I wanted


He tried to kick me again but he was unlucky this time as I caught hold of his foot and gave a squeeze before pushing him off ,he fell on his minions


Those ones try to attack me,I didn’t break a sweat before beating them up.


Kelvin used a whip on me and held on to my neck firmly with the whip around


We were both struggling as I also tried to reach the gun close to me but I couldn’t


My face was turning red as I could hardly breathe when I heard a gunshot just behind me making Kelvin stop.


He left me and turned And fell to the ground that was whe


n I saw Skyler holding up the gun


She had shot Kelvin,she dropped the gun and started crying,.police sirens could be heard coming closer.


Before coming I had asked James to call the police in an hour time.


I removed my jacket and used it to cover Skyler and hugged her to myself


She won’t stop crying,i never Kelvin wasn’t dead .


He got hold of my gun quietly and shot me three times at the back


I looked at Skyler ,then back to my bleeding stomach,


She screamed immediately





It was as if my world had broken.


I got infuriated and took the other gun from the floor swears I will kill this guy today i don’t mind going to jail for it


I walked towards him with anger..


“I hate you..I hate you” i yelled and wasted all the bullets on him with my eyes closed that I didn’t know I had wasted all the bullets on his left hand and leg


He screamed in pain as blood came gushing out.


The police came in immediately I dropped the gun and ran to Davis “Breathe breathe baby ” i said with shaky voice as tears cloud my eyes


I….I… Love…. you” was the only thing he said before blacking out He stopped breathing








my crazy and erotic romance

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