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chapter 22





Am planning on taking sky on an actual date since we didn’t get the chance to.


Well I was given a job at a high tech company its actually a game making company


Since am very good at it I was hired as the site manager


Cool right? From personal assistant to site manager and I also got the lady of my dreams, so am gonna make it official tonight in the most romantic way I can.


Should I tell her about what I did at the club with that red haired girl?



I think its best I tell her everything ion want her to hear from an outsider


Was still thinking when my phone ringing brought me back from my world


I checked the caller ID but I was from an unknown number strange??


I hesitate for a while but I finally picked it up


The least expected voice came out from the other side hello my prince charming its me scarlet ” she screamed


God can this morning get any worst what does this crazy being want from me scarlet” I said with an eye roll


he even remembered my name how dreamy” she said I could tell she was smiling sheepishly


you just annouced your name ” I replied with a shrug



I missed you please come back and marry me prince charming ” she screamed again


i cursed underneath



we not getting married scarlet, bye I said and hang up not waiting for her reply Crazy girl




Ion know why but sky has been avoiding me lately


I hope its not because of that fool


Tho I went to her company which will soon be mine to wait for her


I was told by the secretary that she was in a meeting with some foreign investors


Went into her beautiful office and waited for her not after touring the office


She came in shortly with her new personal assistant


I could tell she surprise to see me in her office


“Kelvin how did you get into my office wasn’t expecting you” she said opening her cabinet to take some files


“Common sky baby have missed you ” I said putting up my handsome smile


“Sky baby? ” she asked with a raised eyebrow


“Common sky stop acting up I know you want me I cam treat you better than that stupid bitch ” I said and grabbed hold of her butt


To my surprise she gave me a slap


“What the heck!!! How dare you raise your hand at me” I growled as I bowl in anger


“Don’t You ever in your entire miserable life try such with me again, or else you would leave to regret it now get out of my office ion wanna ever see your stinky self around me or my office again ” she said showing me the door




“You chasing me out of your office said

right ” I said trying to be sure of what she



“Will you leave in peace or should I call the security ” shesaid picking up the office telecom almost immediately davis walked into her office looking more cute


He glared at me before walking to sky and gave her a slight kiss on the lip


So he is truly the reason she slapped me


She is gonna pay for this





Thank goodness davis came on time


“Hey baby what’s going on here ” he asked glaring at kelvin “Nothing dear he was about leaving ” I said nonchalantly..


“I will never forget this day sky you gonna pay for this humiliation ” he said and walked out angrily


Who cares he can’t do nothing


“What’s he talking about babe ” davis asked obviously lost


“Its nothing important sweetie let’s get going am ready” I said as I lock his fingers with mine as we walked away




The slap enter sha



One word for kelvin



my crazy and erotic romance



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