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chapter 28





“No no Davis you can’t just leave me alone like this” I yelled out more tears The ambulance had already arrived,the police took Kelvin and his men away Too bad he survived,


“Step aside ma’am will take it from here” the medics said as they rushed to attend to him


“He is still breathing quick bring the stretcher” one of them said as he tend to Davis wound


I was some how happy . Davis was taken into the ambulance with a oxygen mask fix on his nose.



I sat beside him as I took his hand in mine ,I not letting go


He looked so peaceful and vulnerable too


Kelvin is gonna rot in hell for this…




At the hospital.


He had been taken to a ward since but I haven’t heard anything makes me worry even more.


They had asked to treat my wounds but I refused, mine are minor injuries


I pace back and forth the reception,I might go crazy if I don’t get answers soon


I called Mom , thank goodness my dad is alive and well at the hospital ,even though some of the men at the meeting didn’t survive at all


After waiting for so long, the doctor came outta the theater with his face mask on he removed it the moment he got to me.


“Doctor how is he doing” I rushed the doctor with questions


“Miss gray please come with me to my office” he said and walked away


While I trailed after him.


“Please seat” he said gesturing me to a chair


“Doctor am not in the mood to seat just tell me how is he ???, If it’s Money you want don’t worry I will pay double the bills to ensure he is okay” I panicked


“Calm down miss gray and have your seat first” he said


I sat down tired ,as I felt dizzy Abit and at the edge of puking but I held it back



“We managed to pull out the bullets safely ,.he is stable now but I can’t say he is out of danger, because I found out his molecules are slowing down,and if it keeps dropping he might slip into coma” he said


I wanted to say something but my mouth failed me I ended running out ,I located the toilet instantly as I puked continuously


The doctor came to where I was ,he examined me for time before speaking up


Miss gray come with me to the lab I need to run some tests on you,you don’t look so good” he said as he held my hand and led to the lab..


Right now am seated at his office waiting for the test results,the doctor is yet to come.


I sat down impatiently not until I heard the door open it was the doctor he had a smile on his face


He gave me the results before seating down


” Congrats miss gray” he said


Congrats?? What’s he talking about,I quickly read the content of the results


Tears gathered as I read through it my hands became shaky


“Congrats miss gray you are two weeks pregnant” he said smiling


“Am pregnant?? “I shuttered


Right now am the happiest person on Earth and at the same time sad


This a happy moment for me but I can’t be happy knowing Davis is in there struggling for his life


“Please doctor take me to his room” i said and wiped off my tears.


“Okay miss come with me ” he said and lead the way


I saw him through the glass,he looked pale as all his wounds have been covered up but yet still handsome


I walked quietly to his side and sat beside him taking his hand in mine,he was still wearing a oxygen mask


“Baby please come back to me ,I missed you so much don’t do this to me remember your promise” i said as more tears threatened to fall


I rocked his palm thinking about all the fun adventures we had together


I laughed out tears


“Davis please come back to us ,our baby needs his daddy to teach him how to walk


..yes Davis am pregnant,you gonna be a father soon “I said and used his hand to touch my Tommy


Something happened,he moved his hand


Later he opened his eyes as he gasps .







So am gonna be a grandma



Let’s gather money let’s buy Pampers for them



my crazy and erotic romance

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