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chapter 25






They have dared me and I promise that old fool he is gonna kiss my feet and beg me for mercy


I better call my guys.



boss ” he said from the other side



mark I have a job for you, I will send you the details I want him eliminated ASAP. You will your pay once the job is done” I said angrily


noted boss you can count on me ” he said and hang up


Watch out sky am coming for you and your stupid lover








We are in Paris presently, am so happy her family finally accepts me




Well except one person


scarlet she still wants to marry me








Wait I thought sky was the only daughter of Mr gray how come there is that scarlet witch


I better ask her



By the way we at Eiffel tower I just love the view there at night



Me and sky took so many pictures, she made me buy cotton candy, I must say it was tasty.


We’re we resting on an artificial grass not far from the Eiffel tower


She placed her head on my thighs as we said so many funny things before seating in silence watching the beauty of the tower


“Baby! Can I ask you something? ” I said


“Yeah sure what’s it dear” she said seating up



“I thought you the only daughter of Mr gray, when did your mom had scarlet? Sorry for asking tho just wanted to satisfy my curious mind ” I said


“Oh that, well scarlet is my adopted sister, she was adopted by my mom at the NGO she runs when she was still a baby. ” she said and smiled then touched my cheek



“Woow no wonder she acts like a witch sometimes ” I said and burst into laughter


She joined me in laughing


“Common sweetie let’s get going, its late already ” I said and took her hand and pulled her to me before sneaking my hand around her waist.


I really want to get a taste of those sΒ£xy lips



I kissed her gently while she responded it was a kiss of deep emotions as we kissed passionately


She broke the kiss afterwards


come on davis people are watching let’s go to the car ” she said I groaned as she pulled me along


We entered the back seat of the car as we started kissing again


She tugg on my tee shirt and opened it aggressively as she sent my buttons flying around the car.


I bit her earlobes tenderly and kissed her all over the body before raising her dress up


I groaned softly as I felt my hardness trying to break through my denim jean



She trailed her hand around my belt before releasing the beast from its cave I closed my eyes when I felt her hand on it.


She gave me a good hand Job, I couldn’t hold back my moan for the feeling was something else


She stopped stroking it and inserted my beast into her warm honey pot,


How have missed that p***y


I slowed my pace at first before increasing the tempo


As I thrust deep into her honey pot. Our moans filled the car.


Soon we reached climax, I cummed in her for the first time.


I sat up to catch my breath.



Sex in the car was superb


You should try it some time






Its been days since we came back from Paris, its was a memorable moments at Paris for my parents had accepted davis


As my boyfriend, I couldn’t contain my happiness




After work on Monday I walked to my car tiredly



Strange there was someone at the driver side he was dressed like a chauffeur “Maam your father hired me as your driver he said



I shrug my shoulder and got into the car for I was too tired to ask questions Immediately I got into the car a strange stood up at the back seat..


I wanted to scream but he used something to cover my nose I blacked out immediately


“Take her to the warehouse ” was the only thing I heard before I blacked out Tbc


my crazy and erotic romance



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