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chapter 21





Love is truly dangerous , reasons why I refuse to fall in love


No matter how hard I try I can’t seems to forget davis my love for him keep getting stronger


I miss him so much this past few days had been hell for me, everything about him drives me crazy


I missed his touch his smile and how he had an effect on me I can’t seem to get over him


what if he didn’t actually do it???


But he didn’t bother to defend himself when dad was talking


My friends had been teasing me calling me a no fun lady


Have been indoors for some time now without going to work



Kelvin had been trying to get my attention lately I wonder what he is up to Because I know ion have any feelings for him


My heart belongs to davis king monteiro


“Hey sky you look lost what are you thinking of” sherry my best friend said standing beside me at the balcony


davis king monteiro ” was the only answer on my lips



Hmmm tell me about it ” ahe asked rocking my back


I explained everything from the start to when I had pushed him away


She looked pretty angry with me


“How could you take such rash decisions sky.. From the looks of things am sure he loves you and am pretty sure he has a good explanation for everything ” she said with folded arms


(This story was written by munay berry)


“Ion know sherry am confused ion know who or what to believe anymore ” I said sadly as tears roll down my cheek


“If you truly love him like you claimed then go for it nothing should stop you from loving the one your heart desires ” she added comforting me


“You think? What if he doesn’t wanna see me? ” I pouted


“Just give him a call or better still go to him bestie” she said as she held on to my palms tenderly


I pulled her into a warm hug


“Thanks alot girlfriend you the best” I cooed



(Brought to you by munay berry)





Was in my apartment adapting to my lonely days tho


no one to talk to anymore I had chased all my friends away.


Right now I was seated eating pickles and watching GOTs my favorite movie of all time


A soft knock landed on my door.


Who could that be? Ion remember inviting anyone


be dear in a sec” I said as I stood up and walked to the door Immediately I opened it my whole world stopped walking It was sky as she had tears in her eyes


“Davis ” she said not looking at me


“Ssh baby come here” I said and pulled her into a embrace


God I missed the smell of her hair, I couldn’t help but kiss her hair


“Am so sorry davis please forgive me I didn’t mean to push you away I wad just confused ” she rushed her words


“Ssh its okay baby am not mad at you I know you we’re doing what you think is right ” I said still hugging her


“Am I forgiven” she pouts



“Yeah babe I love you so much that’s all that matters just know I would never do anything to hurt you, am not scared to stand against the whole world to prove my love for you ” I said and face palmed her then kiss her forehead


(Written by munay berry)


“I love you too davis you my forever ” she said looking at me then landed her gaze on my lips I need no one to tell me what she wants I placed my lips on hers tenderly


She deepen the kiss as we kiss passionately






They are back o



my crazy and erotic romance

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