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chapter 6






I got really exhausted and hungry, slumped on the couch for some seconds before heading upstairs to shower.


Man needs a good bath from some major f**k.


All my years of f**king bitches haven’t had anything compared to this, I thought when you f**k someone You dont have any business with, everything ends with the f**k You wouldn’t wanna f**k that person again.


But right now I’m stuck longing for her body seriously, this is so unlike me Davis monteiro doesn’t f**k same bitch over and over again but this cute goddess had successfully got rapped around her fingers, oh lord help your cute son


davis save him skyler gray.


I just hope working with her won’t attracted any feelings but who am I kidding I just made love to her and it lovely. Skyler please just get outta my head.


Even being tired I still wanna go clubbing, don’t get it twisted am not a bad boy just wanna grab a drink.


After taking a good bath I came out later with only to see Vanessa seating comfortably on my bed guess she is waiting for me.


On a Normal day I should be happy my sluts came to give me some pu**y


juice but right I just find her irritating.


“Davis dear have been waiting for you” she said with a grin


“Why Vanessa? I never asked you to come tho” I said with clenched teeth


“Aww davis don’t be like that, I know you missed me pu**y as much as I missed your beast ” she said seductively walking towards my direction


“Wahever nessa just get going am gonna call if I need you but sorry right now am kinda in the middle of something so get lost bitch” I barked but she didn’t stop


What kinda girl is this,. She grab hold of my d**k from the towel I was tying And stwarted stroking it fast but steadily a moan excaped my mouth.

I cursed in wardly


“I know you like it” she said trailing her hand right hand on my bare chest. “Nessa am tired I can’t f*ck I said regaining my senses, “Stop pretending she said kissing my chest ”


“Am not pretending bitch you starting to irritate me ” I said and dragged her outta my room towards the main exit of my house,


I pushed outside “stay away from my f**king d**k if you don’t wanna die young, I said shutting the door at her stupid face filled to many facials.


Ptweew that was close I walked back to my closet and pick a rugged jean and a red designer shirt, red Balenciaga sneakers and another nice pair of boxers


Ready to club.






Wait did I just had s£x with that arrogant jerk?? No no this can’t be happening to me, I can’t believe I fell easily for his charms, I still can’t believe I have s£x on the dinning table with my new pa, well its a mistake i know its not gonna happen again. But honestly that was the best s£x have had my p***y is damn hot, you have to admit it skyler you longing for more of his beast I my subconscious mind told me, I just shake it off right now I wanna go clubbing..



Got dressed in a very s£xy short satin gown that brought out all my shape any man would die to have those.


It was a braless gown, my nipples were p pointed out but I careless just wanna get drunk and party after party.


Took a blue stilettos to going with my gown, didn’t do facial just lip gloss


Took my purse and my car key before going out. Club 365 here I come I smirked to my self.


I came down stairs shortly my maid were looking me surprised tho, “And what you looking at huh?


“Sorry madam the all bow


“Whatever am out “I said walking away majestically




Arrived at club 365′ few minutes ride later, parked my car properly at the VIP spot before coming out.


I didn’t stress to get into the club because they know who i’m I don’t stand in clues I just cut and pass.


Club 365′ is one of the biggest clubs in LA and am their major investor, which means am one of their biggest shareholder.. I walked into the club with ‘f**k by Jeremih and post Malone ‘”blasting to the speaker, I couldn’t help but think about my little escapade with davis tho,,I went to the bartender and ordered vodka, Immediately I took it I felt th


e urge to dance,


I walked to the dance floor and started twerking,, yeah! I know how to dance


I could feel their eyes on my body but ain’t bothered just wanna dance, I switched more and started dancing like a stripper , the guys were all drooling. Some were basically un dressing me with their lustful eyes.


Just then I someone grabbed my waist from behind making me shivers I wonder who it was, wait who am I kidding I know that touch, I know that scent






Was at club 365′ drinking my guys at a corner watching em girls dance My guys are the worst set of friends ever.


Me I just sat quietly sipping my drink.


“Wassup bro you look dull” james my closet buddy said tapping my shoulder making me look at him


“Nothing bro just thinking of something. ” I said


Some random girl was on the stage dancing while people cheering her I must admit she is damn hot and good like ice queen,, wait!! That’s her unbelievable, now I feel like dancing she gat the body of a f*cking rich goddess.


I stood up quietly not after glaring at my friends for staring at her.


Walked to the stage and grabbed her tiny waist gently making her shiver its good I had an effect on her.


She stared at me with a supprise face.


I bent like someone that wants to kiss her but no I just wanna play with her “Care for a dance my lady”I said


She just nodded with a smile I almost melted on seeing that smile.


We were dancing like a cute couple.


I grabbed her butt and started rocking it on my torso I know she getting turned on as much as me..


I bend her over and asked her to twerk for me which she agreed to” twerk for me baby girl” I said in a rather too husky voice… She stared twerking on my beast sprung up like a dog called by his master. She felt my erection and gasp.


“Let’s play dirty kitten ” I whisper into her ears. She didn’t say anything as I took in bridal style to the rooms at 365’ good thing I know my way around.


I kicked the door opened and dropped her on the bed almost immediately I landed my lips on hers, was so turn on that I can’t even wait for a sec.



I started kissing her roughly, I bit and nibbled on her low lip making her moan She rapped around my neck using her hand fondle with my black long hair, how I so much enjoy her doing that.


I ripped her clothes again for the second time woow thiz kitten is braless. she only looked at me.


I kissed and sucked her neck like lollipop leaving more love bites she kept calling my name sweetly getting me more turn on. The helped in removing my shirt as she use her hands to trail an invisible line on my abs, I groaned in respond to the pleasure I felt while she did that. She stood up knelt before she un buckled my belt and pulled down my trousers which I kicked off, she smiled at what she saw.



i grab hold of the cute girls secret “pant she is wearing and ripped it off aggressively with my hands.


I attacked her cute b**bs and gave them equal rights..her moans are like music to my ears


She used her tinny cute hands to pull down my boxers all this while we never broke eye contact.


She grabbed my d**k in her small hands and shove it into her mouth.


She is pro and c**k sucking. Swears I almost died of pleasure as I moan crazily with my hair tented backwards.


She suck me for sometime before I angrily made her seat on my c**k, she used her p***y to rub my shaft in a teasing way she moaned crazily while I groan. She lifted herself alittle and guided my d**k into her warm p***y.


. damn she a f*cking cow girl she was moving slowly at first which I didn’t enjoy that much, I decided to teach a good lesson. I grabbed hold of small waist and increase the pace, she moved her hair backwards moaning I left her waist and grab her b**bs and started squeezing her b***bs like oranges ” yes baby f*ck I love this” she said in pleasure


I pulled her up and made her stand her fours I licked her p* * *y hole from behind while keep calling my name in form of a moan. I sucked her for a while before inserting my d**k again.


This time am gonna make her scream my name Nonstop. I started thrusting i


n and out her at first but increase the pace while spanking her butt repeatedly “f*ck holy shit, I love it daddy f*ck me harder” she moaned,,, Increase my pace to mixium.. Thrusting into her warm p****y with full speed she kept screaming my name. Yes that’s what I wanted..


I f*cked her like never before till I felt my release.. I groan and hold her ass more tightly, because of the sweet feeling we moan enthusiastically.


“Am Cumming’she said as massive wave or organism came gushing out.


She shook viguely obviously enjoying it.


I empty my cum in her p****y and collapse on the bed exhausted.


She did the same.


We were both breathing heavily,, I closed my eyes and opened them again only to find her staring at him she looked away away almost immediately. That was the best makeout ever.



I can’t believe I f*cked skyler my boss to be twice in one day when have not resumed work.


She stood up quietly and walked to the telegram and ordered something in no time a bouncer brought freshly packed clothes. She collected it and shut the door.


Went to the bathroom and came out later looking refreshing but still not talking to me.


I decided to break the silence.


” you avoiding me now”I asked


“And why would I” she said nonchalantly.. Picking her shoes.


“But I.. Never just forget it i said and walked to my stuffs


look davis I know you most be thinking about this, but please we can’t do this anymore you ma employee for crying out loud, I can’t be f*cking my employee okay? Let’s just go back to our normal and pretend it never happened good bye davis” she said and walked out not waiting for my reply.


I smashed my phone, I can’t forget any of this moment with you not after you got me rapped around your fingers.


You In my head skyler and I can’t seem to take you out of my thoughts.


I got dressed afterwards and left the club I really need to have a good night sleep or am gonna get sick





my crazy but erotic romance





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