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chapter 19





Mr gray looked so furious like he was gonna have my head on a stake


“Sky what is the meaning of this? ” he roared


“Dad… “Sky whispers with fear written all over her


“Is this what have raised you to become? As if having an affair with your personal assistant is bad but having s£x anywhere you dim fit like a pornstar ” he yelled and throw some pictures of all our crazy s£x scenario at us. making sky flinch


I did not a thing I just stood with a straight face


Have always dreaded a day like this


He turned towards my direction and landed a heavy blow on my face.


Bursting my s£xy lips in the process


He keep punching me with anger as I staggered backwards.


I didn’t make an attempt to fight back cause I deserve what ever he gave to me


Sky was already crying


“Daddy please stop hurting him, its my fault not his please dad let me explain ” sky pleaded with her dad


{Brought to you by munay munick}



“I don’t care if you are the son of my friend but you don’t stand a chance with sky,, you just after her wealth ” mr gray said catching his breath


“Dad just stop this drama please, davis loves me and I love her too” she say trying to defend me.




Why is he not saying anything at all


I was expecting him to say something to defend himself but surprisingly he is just quiet.


“Oh shut up sky I know he but only a pretender after your wealth ” my dad said


“What??? That’s not true ” I said and looked towards him but still he didn’t say anything


He had this guilty face I just pray what my dad is saying isn’t true


(This story is written by munay munick)


“Yes sky its true, if am lying he should have said so… Look here sky he wants to trick you into falling inlove with him after then he is gonna take over your wealth Which is why ion want have someone like him around you ” dad said


My legs when numb


“Davis please just tell me it isn’t true, tell me he is lying ” I said but he just had that expressionless face and not saying anything


“Answer the damn question Davis ” I scream out tears


As my health issues came calling.


I had to hold on to something for support


“Sky I…


not a word please just stay away from me davis ” I said trying to steady my breathing as it was becoming slow.


“Get out of here now before I call the security and you fired ion wanna see your face anymore and get your stinky ass outta my fathers mansion ” I screamed more as dad came to hold me


So ion fall to the ground




“Am sorry


sky always have it in my mind that I love you with all of me. Take



care of your self bye and thanks said and walked away

for the wonderful memories I won’t forget ” he



A part of me wanted stopping him but no it isn’t possible


I can’t believe I fell for him.


But what if dad was wrong???




What’s gonna happen now



my crazy and erotic romance



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