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chapter 15






The day to leave for Paris finally came, I most admit this past two days had been wonderful with skyler around.


Am planning to confess my love to her soonest but am kinda nervous she might reject me.



We took gray industries private jet in no time we were in Paris,


Woow Paris is extremely beautiful French is spoken fluently here.


Too bad ion understand French at all


Poor me


Immediately we stepped into the airport, girls keep drooling, some were whispering to themselves. I winked at one she almost fainted.


I could see the look of jealousy on ice queen face but am not bothered, she said it her self that she doesn’t love me at all so she shouldn’t get jealous


A black limo with a chauffeur was waiting just outside for us I guess mr gray sent it.


The chauffeur bowed in greeting and gesture us inside the limo.


“Ahh bonjour Madame et monsieur ” he greeted us before starting the limo and zoom off. Towards the gray mansion



All through the ride skyler isnt saying anything, we both sat in an awkward silence




I glance at her our eyes met for a brief moment, slowly I brought my face closer to hers.



My breath was almost gracing her face


I was so close to kissing her when that mad


French guy interrupted



Swears I felt like strangling the fool.


She looked away shyly






Gush that was so close, I wish he had kissed me, crazy driver killed the moment


We arrived at my family mansion, I stepped down so did davis


All the servants had assembled waiting to greet us.


They all bow the moment we got to the main entrance


I just waved while davis greeted them warmly like he had known them for a while.


Dad and mom we’re both waiting too.


“My baby” mum squeak as I hugged her happily Its been so long now


“Have missed you so much mom “I cooed as she fondled with my hair


Yeah that’s my mom for you she still consider me a kid to her.


I mean who does that


” so you didn’t miss me right! ” daddy said from behind


“Common daddy you know I do, was just enjoying mom’s touch” I said with a grin.


“Oh for goodness sake gray stop being a jealous freak, I know you jealous of me” mom said earning a chuckle from me.


“Speaking of jealousy where is scarlet ” I asked with a smirk


Scarlet is my crazy kid sis, she is annoying asf Knows too much for her age.


“Am right here freak” she said outta know where.


Yeah “freak that’s what she calls me


How annoying can she be.


“And who is the handsome dude you came with sky” mum asked looking behind me


“Dammn he looked like a dami god, I wish I was this handsome maybe then your mum would learn to respect me” dad added with an eye roll


Holy crap I was so caught up in family reunion that I totally forgot I came with davis.


“Actually he is……


“Boyfriend!!! Scarlet screamed like a crazy ass bitch.



huh what no!!!! He is my…….




What do you think she is gonna say to her parents my crazy and erotic romance

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