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chapter 13





I drove to my pent house and slumped on my bed sadly


In as much as I don’t want this I can’t deny the fact that I love him, I love his touch.


But then I need to stop all this , it shouldn’t be my PA.


I was lost in my thoughts when my phone buzzing jerked me outta my thoughts. It was my dad calling I wonder what’s up with him. I picked it and placed it on my ear


daddy”I squeak



my princess how are you “he said with a chuckles



never been better dad ‘I replied.



okay then I want to be in Paris in the next two days we have got a very important business trip bring your PA along” he said nonchalantly..


noted dad.. Say hello to mum for me, bye I love you ” I said and hang up.


Oh no not davis and me again, why do we keep getting stuck together jeez.


I stood up quietly and walked in to the bathroom and step in the comfy bath the maid had prepared for me maybe its not a bad idea if davis come along,


He is my pa after all. I just need to kill a this infatuation with him.


I stood up from the tub still naked and walked to my phone


I sent him a text telling him about our trip to Paris, afterwards I dropped the phone.


I forgot to tie a towel around my body as my door was pushed opened by Philip.


Philip is my ex boyfriend I used and dump, I just hope he doesn’t do anything funny, I hurrily picked up my towel before facing him with a angry face.


“What the hell do you think you doing!? Huh how dare you barge into my room” I yelled at me but he did burge he had a smirk on his face as she walked towards me while I keep stepping back till my back touched the wall, Omg am doomed. I held my phone tightly I was dialing my guards number but I ended up dialing someone else number


Am so in for it today, Philip is f**k machine he never gets tired How did I even met him sef.







I miss skyler still, I stood up and brought my PC office work had missed.


to my bed to finish all the



My phone buzzed indicating I have msg from skyler I left what I was doing and go through it.


It says we going to Paris in two days time.


Hmmm interesting I didn’t know what to reply her so I just dropped my phone. Moments later a call came through it was from skyler I wonder what she wants again.


I picked it up, I started hearing faint sound like someone in trouble.


Jeez what do I do now ion even know where she is exactly.


An idea popped up in my head.


I rushed out immediately I got dressed.





“What are you doing Phillip please stop” I plead.


“Shut up bitch your guards ain’t coming have them under control ” he growled at me making me scared


He dragged my towel away aggressively revealing my naked body as he used his eyes to feast on my body.


“Stop it Philip we ain’t a thing anymore why can’t you get that into your head ”


“Never sky you are mine and mine alone “he groaned as he smooched my br**st as fresh tears roll down my cheeks


He wanted to suck on my boobs when a flying kick landed on his abdomen He growled and fell on the floor.


I traced his weak body on the floor to the person that saved me.


I was shocked as we locked eyes.



Omg how did he find me???





my crazy but erotic romance


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